Sexy Women In Uniform

Uniform costume ideas are many. You can dress in a military costume, navy, army or sexy sailor costume, you name it, there are loads of Halloween ideas for men and women to choose from. Firefighter costumes, nuns, or aviation uniforms such as a pilot or flight attendant, can turn your event into a sensational occasion rather than a mediocre one. It’s all in the presentation.

Corrupt Cop Costume
$79.00 $44.50
Dark Angel Costume
$98.90 $74.50
Navy Sailor Costume
$90.00 $38.50
Sexy Spartan Costume
$94.00 $64.00
Officer B. Naughty
$99.95 $44.50
Police Womens Costume
$89.00 $44.50
Hey Sailor Costume
$98.00 $48.50
Hot Chef Costume
$84.00 $24.00
Prisoner Penny Costume
$84.95 $32.00
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Sultry Sailor Costume
$89.50 $35.00