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Sexy Pirate Costume

Pirate costumes are not only great for Halloween, but for fancy dress events all year round. Famous pirates were Blackbeard, Mary Read and Anne Bonny. Of course Johnny Depp and the movie ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ added sex appeal and romance to the mix and pirate fancy dress has soared in popularity to become one of the most sort after outfits for parties today.

Aye Aye Admiral Pirate Costume
Aye Aye Admiral Pirate Costume by Leg Avenue
$94.00 Sale Price: $84.50
Booty Babe Pirate Costume
Pirate Costumes for Women - Pirate Booty Babe
Price: $98.50
Cutie Pirate Costume
Cutie Pirate Costume by Leg Avenue
$67.00 Sale Price: $44.50
First Mate Pirate Costume
First Mate Pirate Costume by Leg Avenue from Adult Costume Shop
Price: $77.00
Pirate Costume
Shiver me timbers
$87.00 Sale Price: $29.00
Plus Size Pirate Costume
Plus Size Pirate Costume by Leg Avenue
Price: $89.00
Treasure Island Pirate Costume
That's quite a cutlass ye got thar
Price: $89.95
Vixen Pirate Wench Costume
Vixen Pirate Wench Costume by Leg Avenue
$97.50 Sale Price: $84.50
Captain Booty Pirate Costume
Cheap Costumes Australia
$94.00 Sale Price: $45.00
Golden Treasure Pirate Costume
Golden Treasure Pirate Costume by Dreamgirl
$89.50 Sale Price: $78.50
Pirate Wench Costume
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
$79.00 Sale Price: $64.50
Pirate Wench Plus Size Ladies Costume
$87.00 Sale Price: $64.50
Treasure Me Pirate Costume
Treasure Me Pirate Costume by Dreamgirl
Price: $89.95
Pirate Hottie Womens Plus Size Costume
$84.00 Sale Price: $38.00
Pirate Hottie Costume
Yo Scallawags!
$74.00 Sale Price: $38.00
Treasure Hunter Pirate Costume
C'mon, lad, shiver me timbers!
$77.00 Sale Price: $44.50