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Zombie Costumes

  • Halloween 2012 Costume Spotlight: Zombies

    Zombies and Zombie Costumes are all the rage this year and not just for Halloween 2012. There have been multiple zombie related news items, the US government agencies have listed steps to take in the event of a zombie apocalypse (Discussed in this recent ABC Article).

    Movies have always had great success with zombie themes and one of the top series is the Walking Dead – which of course pits a group of survivors against the increasing numbers of zombies. If you would like to be topical and relevant this year for Halloween or dress up parties, you just might want to consider a zombie costume. There are several very cool options for you to choose from in our Zombie category here.

    Deputy Dead: The Long Arm of the Zombie Law

    Deputy Dead Zombie Costume Deputy Dead Zombie Costume

    The first of the zombie costumes could pass for your average policeman uniform. That is if the cop has had a really, terrible day and is ending it as the walking undead.

    The brown, traditionally styled uniform pants and shirt are shredded, dirty and bloodied up  and allows you to make your hair and makeup as gruesome as you possibly can. This is your time to shine with the fake blood, the body parts and the wormy hair.

    Maid Mayhem: May I Clean Your Room (or Eat Your Brain) ?

    Maid Mayhem Zombie Costume Maid Mayhem Zombie Costume

    Ah, the French maid costume gets zombified here. The typical black satin look dress with short hemline and adjustable shoulder is accented with the little white apron that is always associated with this costume. The major difference comes in the fact that the whole thing is just a little disheveled and hey, is that brain juice dribbled down the front of that lovely young lady? Again, this costume is what you make of it- so you can make your hair as wild as possible and completely zombie up your face. If you are really into realism, make any part of your skin pale and gray as possible.

    Officer Armbiter: Deputy Dead's Long Lost Ghoulfriend?

    Officer Armbiter Zombie Costume Officer Armbiter Zombie Costume

    Like the deputy dead costume, Officer Armbiter is a police woman, or at least she was before the incident.  Now, she has dragged herself into your party, dressed in a short , brown dress and the poor dear is just as zombie as a zombie can possibly be!  While the dress is sexy and let's you show off your form a little bit, the makeup should be super creepy. Go ahead and tease your hair out as much as possible or opt for a zombie wig to get the right look.

    The Putrid Prom Queen: The Prettiest Girl at Deadville High

    The Putrid Prom Queen Zombie Costume The Putrid Prom Queen Zombie Costume

    Most slasher movies start with a group of happy teens, heading out to typical happy teen things. This time, the event is the prom and our little doll is so happy to have been named prom queen. One problem though- that poor dear has been bitten by a zombie and now she is going to take the stage to accept her crown and more than likely, try to take a nice big bite out of last year's winner and the vice principal.

    Bloody Nurse Betty: Here to Take Your Brains...No! Your Temperature

    Bloody Nurse Betty Zombie Costume Bloody Nurse Betty Zombie Costume

    The nurse costume is always a favorite, but this one gets the zombie treatment with blood, slash marks and scary makeup. Add a few fake organs in your pockets to pull out at strange moments and you are set.

    Completing the look

    Completing the Zombie look with hair and make up is essential to look authentic and sexy for the Zombie Apocalypse, there are some really great tips and tricks anyone can use in this short video clip from Leg Avenue's runway make up team - Zombie Hair and Makeup.

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