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Women In Uniform

  • The Classic Flight Attendant Costume In Plus Size

    Coffee, Tea or Me

    As far as adult costumes go, the Classic Flight Attendant costume is one that will always top most lists.  Whether you are looking for a sexy costume for a fancy dress party or wanting something with a little bit of nostalgia, this is the perfect costume choice. It can be worn with equal success in a crowd or in a smaller party – like a party for two.

    Flight Attendant Costume Flight Attendant Costume

    The Flight Attendant's costume starts with a turquoise blue dress with a lovely contrasting trim.  Little pockets are also trimmed this way with small button accents. The hemline ends just above the knee but if you would like to be a little more cheeky, you can either permanently or temporarily alter that hemline.  If you are doing so before a party in front of others, do sit down to make sure that your hem has not been taken too high. If you can't sit without flashing, the costume is just a little too short.

    This particular costume comes in a plus size costume which is a bonus. Not only can you be assured of getting a proper fit for the costume that you like but you can also be assured of the same sexy styling as well. Some other plus size costumes take a look and either tone them down as if you have to be super tiny to be sexy or they make the costume boxy and shapeless. All women deserve to wear sexy and well fitted, well designed costumes no matter what size they are.

    Now that you have decided on the hemline and other details of the costume itself, it is time to add in some accessories. The classic flight attendant costume comes with accessories including a mini luggage purse in the same color, a scarf and the costume styled hat. There are only a few things that you would need to add on your own. If you have one, you could add a small name badge. You can use your own name or an adopted name instead. If you have ever wanted to be “Ginger” then by all means, be Ginger. If your dress is fairly short, you can opt for thigh high stockings, complete with attractive leg garters. If you have a longer dress, you can stick with nylons. Fishnet stockings are also a good option here.

    Flight attendants are often seen wearing impossibly high heels, especially in movies. If you want to stick to that look, go with a black pump but make sure that you can walk well in them. For a crowded party, especially one with dancing, you might opt for a slightly lower heel so that you can enjoy the festivities without sore feet.

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