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  • The Great Gatsby Costumes and More

    How do you define fabulous? Is it having the flashiest costume at the party? Is it being the first person to be noticed and the one name on everybody's lips? How do you define opulence? By the longest strand of pearls or the biggest bauble? Perhaps you could answer all of these questions with a single word especially if that word is Prada. What does Prada have to do with the Great Gatsby, the F. Scott Fitzgerald novel brought to life on the silver screen to magnificent success? A lot, as it turns out.

    To get the perfect look for the over the top costumes for the decadent party scenes, the producers of the film turned to Prada. More than forty different designs were created for those scenes and received very warmly by fans of the movie, the book and the era. While the average person may not be able to buy a Prada designed item for themselves, they can certainly get their own Great Gatsby costume and throw a perfect themed party in the process.

    Gatspy Flapper Costume Gatspy Flapper Costume

    Women may enjoy wearing their favorite flapper inspired fancy dress. As a quick refresher: flapper dresses come in a wide range of colors and typically have several rows of fringe. The fringe are meant to move when the wearer dances (Charleston, anyone?) and is both fun and a little sexy. The flapper often paired these dresses with long strands of pearls and decorative headbands with feathers, gems and baubles. Thigh high stockings with visible garter belts are often seen. As part of their rebellious image, many flappers smoked, often using long cigarette holders to further thumb their nose at society of the time. Even if you are not a smoker, you can hold one of these as an extra prop.





    Great Gatsby Gangster Great Gatsby Gangster

    Men can dress in period suits or can dress as gangsters if they would like. This was a time of high crime and many members of the organized crime world were both feared and almost revered at the same time. Another option is to just break out the tuxedo and play “rich guy” for the night.

    If you are hosting a Great Gatsby party, encourage everyone to dress in their favorite period costume and serve drinks and food from the time. Use some hot jazz music to set the tone or if you would prefer, use a movie to serve as the focal part of the evening. To add a little bit of a speakeasy tone to your party, ask for a password at the door like “so's your Aunt Tilly” and don't let anyone in if they don't know it because they could be coppers!

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