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The Australian Burlesque Festival is Coming – Get Your Tickets Now!

Now entering its fifth year, the Australian Burlesque Festival’s upcoming lineup has been set and announced and tickets are expected to sell like hotcakes. Whether you are a huge fan of the genre or are new to burlesque, this is an event that you just should not let yourself miss. And, if you have never seen burlesque live, the Festival might be the very best place to make that change.

Fanciforia Foxglove Fanciforia Foxglove

Founded by performers, Dolores Daiquiri and Rosy Rabbit, the Australian Burlesque Festival has toured Australia playing at different venues and bringing a whole new world of entertainment to people who might have otherwise missed it.  For those who do not know, burlesque is not just a fancy word for “strip club” in fact, the performers often only give the subtle illusion of being nude. Some do shimmy out of some of their garments, but in such a way that you will be charmed by it and utterly enchanted by burlesque for the rest of your life.

The Festival will open on June 5th with a performance called “Baby Bombshells”. This opening night is special because it features all of the emerging performers in a contest that will be judged by the industry’s top names and performers. All of the featured performers on the stage that night will have had two years or less experience in burlesque. Other shows will continue for the entire run of the festival with different performers and themes for each venue.

While many of the performers you will see are from Australia, there are many other “imports” that will be on stage in different shows. Look for some of the top names from Italian, German and American burlesque as well as performers from New Zealand as well.

For those who have more than just a passing interest in burlesque, there is something special during the run of the Festival as well. Different performers will be available during special workshops in the various cities – with some cities even offering more private, one-on-one workshops as well. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to take your special someone to a performance and then on the way home whisper that you have a special surprise- a home burlesque performance with you as the one and only star? It would be a special moment for both of you, without a doubt.

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