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  • The Thor Costume for Adult Because Who Doesn’t Need a Magic Hammer?

    Odin, King of Asgard gave powers to Mjolnir that prevented it from being wielded or even moved by those that were deemed “unworthy” of it’s great powers. Thor, his headstrong and sometimes impetuous son finds himself in possession of this awesome power although in legend and in film, he briefly loses it.  Whether you choose to grab a plastic version of Mjolnir or not, the Thor costume is one that you should consider for all of your dress up needs. After all, what man does not want to be considered a hulking heartthrob by all the ladies?

    Avengers Thor Costume Avengers Thor Costume

    The basic Thor costume is fairly simple and includes the jumpsuit, chest armor, gauntlets and the cape. The fancier costume options give you the illusion of a god-like body by adding in molded muscles or at least simulating them which is perfect for the guy who is long on wind but a little short on the thunder, so to speak. Extra touches that go beyond the hammer could include the long flowing wig and of course, the horned helmet.  In the latest movie version, you do not see Thor with a helmet on which makes sense because what fool would hide Chris Hemsworth’s hair at all? 

    If you are a do it yourself kind of guy, you can achieve a fair approximation of the Thor costume with dark clothes, a red cape and some homemade armor. Of course, you will be expected to provide your own muscles in this scenario. But don’t fret, there are likely to be at least a handful of Thors no matter where you go in costume, he is just that popular and there are likely to be some that are not going to be as close to the real deal as you are. You can also be fairly sure that there will be more than a few dark haired Thors, a few bald Thors and maybe even a redhead or two. You never know what kind of Thor you might bump into!

    The hammer , or Mjolnir as it is properly called, can be an accessory that is often overlooked. There are several online stories of people who have created their own version – with their own personal touches to them. If you are handy at that sort of thing, you could create one with a hollow handle and use it to bring your own beverages to your costume destination. (Water, of course, right Thor fans?) .

    Great fancy dress ideas from Adult Costume Shop.

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