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Onesie Costumes

  • The Onesie Costume Spotlight: Midnight Black Cat

    The Kigurumi onesie costume is one of the most adorable things you will ever find and a great costume choice especially for those events that are going to put you outside on less than ideal nights.  The name Kigurumi means “to wear a stuffed toy” and that is exactly what you will feel like you are doing.  You will think that you have crawled inside of your favorite stuffed toy no matter which one you choose.  There is a wide variety of these costumes in both children's and adult sizes. For now, we will focus on the Midnight Black cat onesie for adults.

    Midnight Cat Animal Onesie Adult Costume Midnight Cat Animal Onesie Adult Costume

    Meant to be an oversized costume, this fleece onesie has front snaps to make it easier to put on and take off.  Because of the sizing, you can wear this costume over other clothing- or you can choose to wear a thin layer of clothes underneath if you have a nice night to work with.  The Midnight black cat costume is black (of course) with purple lining.  Miss Kitty's pretty face is right on the hood of this costume, complete with her smiling face and the pointed ears.

    The biggest advantage to this adult onesie costume is the ability to put it on and be done in mere moments.  Of course, if you would like to add in some makeup to your exposed face, you can certainly do that as well.  There are two options here: full makeup so that you blend into the costume or a cute swipe of makeup to enhance the cat like appearance.  Some people choose to paint their entire face the same color as the inner lining of their onesie (purple in this case) so that their “face” becomes that of the character.

    Because the onesie costume does not cover your feet or hands, you have some flexibility there as well. A comfortable costume should mean equally comfortable shoes and this is certainly not the right costume to pair with your most sultry heels. Feel free to wear whatever makes your feet feel the best- if you are indoors for the whole night, feel free to stick with thick black socks but do steer clear of the stomping feet of other party goers. If there will be a lot of alcohol at the party, try to steer clear of areas where your socks will end up soaked!

    To enhance the cat look- you can add in some claws or at least some long fingernails if you want but again, this is not necessary- everything that you need to be the most adorable kitty ever is right there in the costume, even the tail.

    For Kids Onesie Costumes check out our sister store Kids Costume Shop.

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