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  • Welcome to Japan, Wolverine

    Hugh Jackman sings, dances and acts but those things pale in the minds of many people who only know him as Wolverine.  That character, one of the X-Men and a huge favorite in the Marvel world has some very interesting quirks and advantages such as the fact that he can heal almost instantly from any injury.  To make him even more fascinating, Logan's skeleton is created from a very unique material.  Usually part of an assemble of characters, in the new Wolverine movie, Logan is the star.  The movie is set in modern day Japan and presents a very interesting question to the reluctant hero.  That question is this: if you could lose your immortality, would you do it?

    X-Men Wolverine Adult Accessory Kit X-Men Wolverine Adult Accessory Kit

    A very popular character, the Wolverine costume is also a top choice for a number of events ranging from parties with the children and fancy dress parties.  Super fans may even choose to wear the Wolverine costume at Comic Cons and other events.  There are plenty of options that you can choose from.  The Most Basic Wolverine Costume The simplest Wolverine adult costume is just dark jeans and a white, tank style undershirt best reserved for those who have the fairly buff arms that they just have to show off.  A few simple costume accessories take this to the next level and include the Wolverine wig (complete with sideburns) and the claws.  The bone style claws have the most realistic look and are just a little edgier than the cartoonist metallic ones.  Taking it to the Next Level Of course, if you would like to go whole hog, there are a number of Wolverine costumes that you can choose as well.  The most common of these is bright yellow with blue trim and a full mask that eliminates the need for an elaborate hairstyle.  Most of these costumes come with boot covers so you can wear virtually any shoe that you want.  Some come with claws but some do not - always read the whole description of the costume that you are looking at. Keep in mind that the claws may be difficult to deal with for things like eating or driving, so make sure that they are easily removed and then put back on.

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