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  • Superman Man of Steel Costumes for Adults

    Superman Costume Superman Costume

    To hear the critics say it, the new Superman costume is uglier than a trash bag prom dress. Of course, those critics are probably pretty married to the old school, old fashioned Man of Steel costume and this new design is definitely a departure. Worn by actor Henry Cavill, the latest version of the iconic costume is created with three separate and distinct layers with one molded to Henry's body itself then a second layer molded to that to sculpt and enhance muscles, see it in action on the Superman man of steel website. The third layer covers the muscle layer and is made of a mesh like material that makes the whole design look like it is actually steel when light hits it just right. The red cape is one of the few details of this costume that did not get changed.

    Costume shops are going to be stocking the new design in adult sizes, rushing to get ready for the Australian release date of June 27th release date. Fans are going to be lining up to see this new version of the Man of Steel and many of them have every intention of wearing their Superman costume to the show. Others will be hosting parties before or after and will want the right look. There are also going to be more than a few of these fans who are not going to be interested in wearing anything near the new costume- they are going to stick to the old school Superman costume and be happy to do it.

    The fact of the matter is this: it doesn't matter which costume you wear, as long as you are happy. Superman's tights can be the old version's electric blue or the newer version's metallic looking silver-grey. There are only a few other differences between the old and the new from there. Perhaps the biggest and most notable difference between the old and the new is the red briefs. Several designs were tried for the new costume, each trying to come up with a way to keep that important part of the style but to no avail. In the end, the red briefs had to be eliminated from the sketches, leaving them to be nothing more than a memory of Superman past.

    All in all, the Superman costume is an easy one to wear. The classic version comes with the blue leotard in your choice of the one piece or two separate pieces. Choose the one that will allow you to be comfortable while wearing it. In the classic version, the pair of red briefs are pulled on over top of the bottoms. With these, make sure that the fit is correct because there is nothing less super than saggy hero drawers. Finally, the costume is finished off with a flowing red cape.

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