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Fancy Dress Costumes


There are many reasons why you might need a fancy dress costume, Halloween, masquerade, special events or dress up Christmas parties. You can find the right look  just for you very  easily by using a simplistic approach. Just like any good newspaper journalist, finding the right costume is as simple as asking yourself the basic questions:


Who do you want to be? Who do you want to impress, scare or amuse with the costume that you are wearing? Do you want to bring out your best qualities or hide your worst? Do you want to recreate a memory for yourself or someone else?


Where will the party or event be held? An outdoor party during colder weather may change how you choose your costume. An office party would suggest slightly more demure wear. Where the party will be held can also be just as important as any of the other aspects you need to consider.


The time of day or evening that the party starts might suggest a bit of a dress code. A two p.m. start would say to most people that the fish nets and bustier is best left behind. A later evening party would say perhaps it is okay to be a little sexier with your fancy dress costumes.


What the party is celebrating is another clue as to what type of fancy dress costume would be best. A party for Billy’s third birthday might mean that you wear a cute or funny costume rather than an outright scary costume or something terribly sexy.


Finally, the how of the party: for instance a masked ball at a beautiful hall, or a costume party in a friend’s rec room, lets you know how fancy you can go with your fancy dress costumes. The fancier the venue, the fancier the costume. Simple.

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