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Fairy Costumes

  • Fairy Costumes: Magic and Stardust

    Fairy Costumes for AdultsCome gather round pretties, it is time for a little story. This one is about two lovely fairies, Magic and Stardust. Magic is a little bit imp (on her father’s side) so watch out for her. Now our two pretty girls are in a predicament as they get ready for the fairy ball- (you mortals call it Halloween). Magic and Stardust want to look ever so perfect in their fairy costumes. They will possibly be meeting the Queen of Halloween and we all know how testy the Queen can be. So look over my shoulder loves and we will watch the magical transformation that our fairies are about to go through. Best of luck ladies.

    Once upon a time, there were two fairies, Magic and Stardust. By the way, it is in the rules that any story about fairies has to start this way, that’s why they call it a fairytale. Magic, a dark haired and slightly darker spirited woodland fairy and her sister Stardust, a fair haired fairy of goodness and light are vying for time in the mirror to put the finishing touches onto their fairy costumes. Magic is wearing red, a short, short red dress and red and black striped hose because she really likes them. Her wings are red because all good fairy costumes need wings, right? And she is wearing a red ribbon in her dark hair. Glittery red lips make her a happy, happy, evil fairy and so she scampers about, kissing everyone and leaving her glittery red lip prints on them, marking them so to speak.

    Gentle Stardust is wearing her silvery blue fairy costume because it looks so pretty with her pretty golden blonde hair. Her wings are silver streaked and glittery and she wears little flowers in her hair. Stardust finishes off the look of her fairy costume with silvery blue eye shadow and glitter.

    Both of our girls are going to enjoy themselves tonight, so they are wearing their favorite shoes. Wicked Magic is wearing a pair of black spiked heels, perfect for drawing attention to her and her glamorous legs. Soft and sweet Stardust is wearing a pair of black leather booties, perfect for her fairy costume but still good to walk around in.

    Magic and Stardust are beautiful in their fairy costumes but they want everyone to know that they can look just as lovely as well. All that it takes is a little bit of sparkle and glitter, some pretty wings and of course, a little magic.

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