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Couple Costumes

  • Feel it hot hot hot, firefighter couple costumes for him and her

    Some fancy dress occasions work best when both partners are dressed in costume.  And on that list, there is the smoking hot firefighter couple - for both partners. These days, there are firefighters from both genders let's take a closer look at how that gets done.

    Ms. Blazin' Hot Firegirl Costume

    Ms Blazin Hot Firegirl Costume Ms Blazin Hot Firegirl Costume

    This sexy costume starts with a super short dress that has a belt and attached suspenders. A super hot, reflective stripe runs along the hem and around each of the short sleeves of this dress for your “protection”- it may help him find you in the dark if you manage to get away from him for a moment or two. The hat is not included but would be a super cute addition to this sizzling ensemble. Black pumps would be a cute shoe choice but thigh high boots are even more sexy.

    For a great presentation idea, borrow or buy a cheap and oversized yellow windbreaker (to mimic the look of a firefighter's heavy coat) and wear it over your firegirl outfit. Turn on your favorite mood setting music, light a few candles, dim the overhead lights and then rip open that coat and watch his poor face burst into flames with desire!





    Fire Captain Costume

    Fire Captain Costume Fire Captain Costume

    Who hasn't fantasized about a hunky fireman rescuing her from a burning fire? Now is your chance! The costume starts with a dark blue tee shirt and dark pants complete with the bright yellow stripe down the side. Of course, your fireman costume has it's own pair of suspenders too. Add in your own fireman's hat for an even more realistic touch. You can get playful with your costume, asking suggestive questions about your “equipment” and such. Making comments about your “hose” may be cheesy but in this case that is perfectly okay.

    If you really want to get into the role, use the fireman's carry to whisk your gal off. If you don't know how to do it, it is simple. Carefully grab your mate and then hoist them onto your shoulders with their arm and leg on either side of your neck. If you have any back, knee or neck issues, skip this move, please.

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