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Christmas Costumes

  • Fancy Dress Costume Ideas for Christmas

    Ah, Christmas that beautiful time of year when the houses are all snug and warm, decorated with glittering twinkling decorations and little dainty lights. It is also a time when families gather from near and far for parties and get togethers of all kinds. If you are planning to host or attend a party, you might be interested in some of these fancy dress costume ideas.

    The Classics

    There are a number of choices that will come to mind as soon as you think of Christmas including Santa and Mrs. Clause, Reindeers, Elves, Snowmen and Snow Ladies. Whether it is baby’s first Santa suit in sleeper soft pajamas, or the ultimate adult look, these are fun suggestions that bring a little bit of spirit and joy to the events. However, before you go grabbing one of these, consider this: if you are not the host of the event, consider the feelings of those who are hosting before deciding on the Santa suit.

    The Religious Choices

    Some fancy dress costumes are chosen because of a religious event like a pageant or play. There are a number of options including the Three Wise Men, Angels and the Holy Family. Keep in mind that it is considered offensive to be the adult who is dressed up as the Baby Jesus in virtually every situation.

    The Nutcracker Ballet

    The beautiful Nutcracker is ripe with gorgeous fancy dress costume ideas including the Mouse King, Clara, the little girl who dreams the whole thing, the Sugar Plum fairies and of course, the nutcracker himself. This can be a themed party, if you so desire, including a taped performance of the show and snacks that fit into the theme. Of course, one of the main staples, food wise, will be nuts but other foods can be given sweet names that will make them sound that much more special.

    Some Wacky Ideas

    If you are done with the usual costumes and religious fare is off the table, you might like a more amusing set of options. Consider showing up dressed as a Christmas tree or Christmas ornaments. You could come dressed as a candy cane or other sweet treat. You could come as a Christmas package. Whatever you envision, you can find the costume that is right. If you can’t find it, you can make it.

    For the Laziest of Lazy Souls

    Finally, if you are not thrilled with the idea of wearing a fancy dress costume, can’t find the one you want or just can’t afford to pay the cost of them, you have the lazy option of tossing a bright bow on your head or pinned to your top and calling yourself a “present”.

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