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Womens Burlesque Costumes

Women's BurlesqueBurlesque Costumes can be the perfect choice for gatherings and Halloween parties. You can choose to wear the costume of a dancer, a beer girl or a Swiss mountain girl. They are meant to celebrate the good times without worrying about the shape of your body. These costumes are quite eye catching and attention grabbing.

The term ‘Burlesque Costume’ originated in France around the 19th century during the entertainment shows that included dance and opera. They were specifically designed in that period to attract more viewers and improve the popularity of the show. More of these costumes led to the shows being more exiting, erotic and thus more popular than ever before.

Selecting Women's Burlesque Costumes for a party or Halloween get together certainly means that you could be the center of attraction, with all eyes upon you. These costumes are generally made of bright colors, fit the body really well and have a touch of the erotic. Garments which make up the Burlesque Costume include:

The Corset

The main purpose of the Corset is the creation of an hourglass figure. The waist is reduced and in turn there is a visible bulge at the bust and hips. The lace at the back or a concealed zipper at the side secures the garment.

The Skirt

The skirt is usually made of chiffon or satin and again helps in making the hips prominent or noticeable. The length is generally kept very short and is slightly less on the front side than on the back. Generally, a tail is added to the rear to make the costume more glamorous.


Gloves are made of either leather or velvet and add to the erotic value of Burlesque Costumes.


Stockings are a very important part of Burlesque Costumes and come in different colors, materials, styles and patterns. They complement the garments really well.


Shoes usually have high heels and add to the beauty of the wearer. There are no straps and are usually very easy to remove.

Burlesque Costumes also have a few accessories including the head piece. The color of accessories matches the costume.

Burlesque Costumes are not only limited to Halloween parties and get togethers. The different garment parts can be worn separately and worn on different occasions as dress wear. They can also be used in a great way for teasing and role playing games.

The best place to buy Burlesque Costumes is online. Website like also offers special discounts on these costumes and they are delivered right to your doorstep.

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