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Army Costumes, GI Joe! Look at You

Army Costume Ideas for WomenYou couldn’t have told me that army costumes were sexy in the early ‘90s. You couldn’t have convinced me of that fact, no matter who you dragged through wearing them. Of course, I was just then coming off of a bad and very brief marriage, which might have had a lot to do with that. I have since changed my tune dramatically. It all started with a costume party and a very hot guy.

I wasn’t in the mood that year- not in the mood for anything. I was wearing a costume, not just because it was Halloween, but because it suited my dark and gloomy mood without everyone thinking that I had gone around the deep end. My friends asked me to go to this party and I said no. They pleaded with me and I said no. They came to my home and dragged me forcibly to their car and I said, “I will call the police”. I walked into the party, folded my arms and vowed to make everyone within a ten foot radius of me as miserable as I was. And then he walked in.

Army Costumes for MenHe had on an army costume, but it didn’t look funny on him. He was broad-chested and narrow waisted and oh my, a thing of masculine divinity. Despite the storm clouds that had been swirling around my head for a week or more, I felt a smile come, unbidden to my lips. He introduced himself, we danced and by the end of my night, all thoughts of impending doom and destruction were gone. I was smiling and laughing and having a good time!

We started talking and he told me that the costume that he was wearing was a little bit of family history. His jacket had been his father’s and the pants had been an older brother’s. The shirt, he said with a big smile, was his though. We talked about a lot of things, swirling around on the dance floor, my big, sweet guy in the army costume.

Since that night, we have been to a number of events. He doesn’t always choose army costumes, although they seem to be his favorite. I have even worn one a time or two, to be honest. We have our favorites. I like the one he wore on the night that we first met and he likes mine with the ultra short camo skirt and the barely there khaki top. Aren’t we lucky to be able to make these choices?

When you wear them in defense of country and freedom, they are uniforms. When you wear the same thing to go drinking with your friends, they are costumes. We thank the people who wear the former who give us the right to be allowed to wear the latter.

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