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80s Costumes

  • Take Us Back to the 80s with Costume Accessories!

    The '80s are enjoying a wonderful resurrection of sorts, especially in Australia for fancy dress parties. If you are part of that burgeoning scene it is important that you get the look right and the 80s costume accessories make the look.   So why should you be happy about that fact? There are several reasons.

    1. Costume Accessories are often a great way to change up your look without having to go whole hog.

    2. Costume Accessories are far cheaper (in most cases) than whole costumes.

    3 You can change up the costume accessories that you are wearing to go with dozens of other looks and costumes.

    So, if you want to dip your tootsies into the Eighties, where do you start? Well, grab yourself a pair of dark sunglasses because it is about to get all kinds of bright in here, neon bright to be exact. Yes, the '80's were all about neon colors from the brightest green, blues, pinks and yellows. Neon colors so bright that you could see then in the dark.

    Check out a few music videos of the era and you might be more than a little amused to see that people even wore neon makeup! No need for glow sticks if you were rocking out head to toe neon! Welcome back the '80's with your own neon costume accessories. You can choose whether you go bright with the rest of your costume or keep it more basic and simple. Here are two awesome choices for you to consider.

    Leg Warmers Leg Warmers

    The Neon Leg Warmer Costume Accessories

    Do you remember leg warmers? They were part of the standard “uniform” for fitness professionals, dancers and of course, every single teen girl that you passed on the street. They were worn with leotards (if you were boring or you know, on the way to a dance class) They were pulled on over top of jeans, worn slouchy with short skirts and over top of tights. In most cases, these leg warmers were neon bright and were meant to draw attention to the cool shoes that you were wearing. Ours are short- hitting to the mid calf on most people and come in your choice of orange, purple, pink or green. For a really kicky look, wear two different colors or layer them on top of one another.





    Neon Lime Neon Lime

    The Neon Mesh Glove Costume Accessories

    Madonna was perhaps the pioneer of the fingerless glove look but many others emulated it too. Ours are fishnet and elbow length and come in a super hot, neon pink color. Paired with your favorite pair of neon leg warmers you will be nearly impossible to miss, even during a blackout.

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