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Monthly Archives: March 2014

  • Costume Choices for Men: The Walking Dead

    Zombie Costume Zombie Costume

    Men are often left out when it is time to discuss costumes. That is a real shame because many men actually enjoy wearing costumes and there are some really cool options for them.  To get an idea of some really great costume options, you need only look to one of the most popular television series of recent times.  The show is not only being replayed on services such as Netflix but the complete DVD for each series also sell very well.

    Rick Grimes, the leader of a group of survivors of a zombie apocalypse is a fairly easy character to dress as. All that you would need is a sheriff’s costume and some creative touches like tears, dirt smears and possibly some blood. His friend and rival for his wife’s affection, Shane Walsh would be another easy costume to pull off- virtually anything could fill the bill here.

    One of the most popular characters on this show though, is Daryl and that might be for a wide range of reasons. First, Daryl is good at what he does- he can kill a Walker with virtually anything that he can get his hands on. He is ferocious as a fighter but has shown that he has the ability to be quite tender when he is forced into it. And, of course, it does not hurt that Daryl is played by the very popular Norman Reedus who brought a substantial number of fans with him from his Boondocks Saints days.

    The costume for Daryl is fairly minimal. Bare chested, with dirty and torn pants, a barely there vest and a bow and arrow across his back, smudges on the face and matted looking hair makes you look like a Walker’s worst enemy.

    Of course, there are the Walkers as well. Some men are not big fans of dressing up in a costume that is “somebody”. Instead, they want to create their own identity and be their own person. To that end, the chance to dress as a shuffling, stumbling, decaying zombie costume might be ideal. That way you choose what you wear, how “dead” you will look and how far your decomposition has gone.  The more talent that you have with the makeup and the other touches you add to the costume, the better the effect will be. There are no rules for creating a zombie costume and that might make it the best of all choices here.

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