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Monthly Archives: December 2013

  • Christmas Stockings are Not Just for the Good Little Kiddies

    When you hear the words “Christmas stockings” do you think of little flannel stockings hanging over a cheerful fire? Do you think of small children creeping closer to see what kind of candies and small toys are stuffed inside of them? Or, when you hear those words do you focus on the word stockings and start dreaming of long, curvy legs that travel forever upwards ? (If you said yes, consider yourself on the naughty list, Mister!)

    Whether you are a new couple or a couple that have been together for a very long time, the addition of some fun and sexy stockings to the Christmas celebration is an absolute must. There are several kinds to choose from of course and many ways to add them to your days and nights.  A pair of sexy  stockings can also be a wonderful gift, one that you might be unable to hold onto until Christmas eve let alone Christmas day. This will be one of the gifts that he will want to give you right away.

    Christmas belt buckle stockings Christmas belt buckle stockings

    One choice, the sexy belt buckle stocking, is available in either a red and white stripe or a green and white stripe. Both are completed with a black belt and golden belt buckle at the top. The possibilities with these stockings are endless. Just use your imagination and let it run wild. Of course, you can add these stockings to a sexy elf or Mrs. Clause costume or you could create your own costume look with the stockings serving as the focal point. But, the costume that you wear does not even have to be sexy for these stockings to work. Imagine that you are dressed as the rather matronly version of Mrs. Clause, covered with a full length dress and a capful of gray hair. Your hubby is dressed as Mr. Clause himself and while he is trying his best to be jolly, he just can’t seem to get into the role. You take him over to a quiet corner and hike up your frumpy dress just a wee bit and he gets a glimpse of your sexy striped stockings and that is it. Not only is he the jolliest old elf on the block, this guy is just hearing wishes and getting pictures taken at lightning speed. By the time the evening is over, Ol’ Kris Kringle could beat the reindeer home, on foot.

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