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Monthly Archives: October 2013

  • Adult Halloween Costume Trends 2013

    Trying to pick the Halloween Adult Costume trends every year is always a hard task, no matter what the major costume brands come up with it’s usually the people with a bit of time on their hands and original thought that steal the show. Some of the definite trends coming through this year include :

    Superheroes, Superheroes, Superheroes. The recent successful run of Marvel comics

    Superhero Halloween Costumes Superhero Halloween Costumes

    inspired movies has meant popular Marvel comic characters such as Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Wolverine and Spider-Man costumes are in demand. The DC Comics characters like Superman and Batman are just as popular.

    Of course the old Halloween stable favourites of vampires, witches and zombies are trending with numerous pop culture shows recently reminding us of how much we love to dress up as these creepers.

    Bad taste is always fun on Halloween. Miley Cyrus costumes will likely be popular, all that is needed to top it off is a giant red hand – rumours of Miley appearing on the next Coles ‘prices are down’ advertising are just rumours at this stage but the free giant hands Coles gave out earlier in the year will serve you well as a prop in this regard.

    The most popular character of the year is likely to be Walter White the crystal meth kingpin from the Breaking Bad series. The show had many fans in Australia and Walter is a more likely gangster then Carl Williams ever was. All you need is a few costume accessories for the bald head, goatee and glasses the rest is down to your imagination and attitude.

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