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Monthly Archives: June 2013

  • The Light Up Little Red Riding Hood Costume

    Hey there, Little Red Riding Hood!  The costume that has long been a sexy adult costume favorite gets even more sex appeal with a sneaky addition.  Starting from the top, the costume is a white blouse with puff sleeves that can be worn on or off the shoulder, depending on how much skin you want to expose to lurking wolves.  The top is further enhanced by a red, under the bust corset that laces up with black ribbon. A little black bow tie matches those ribbons and centers on the blouse.

    Light Up Little Red Riding Hood Costume Light Up Little Red Riding Hood Costume

    The red skirt has white dots with black trim. The skirt is where the special part of the costume comes into play. The skirt itself has a little hidden pocket where the on and off switch is. Flip the switch and little red, fiber optic lights come on and twinkle around the skirt. How many costumes can say that?

    Because of the lights, this costume is best used at night- especially for outdoor occasions. You can also use this light up costume for a great night out at the club.  You will surely win a prize for your costume no matter where you go.  The lights are not so bright that they would interfere with vision but are enough to really get you noticed.  You will not be able to throw this adult costume into the washing machine, but it does wipe clean fairly simple.

    If you are unsure of what to do with your hair, there are several options. First, you can go with the little red handkerchief tied around your head look which is one of the simplest hairdo choices. Next, you could go with the cute, side pigtails tied with big red or black bows. A messy half up, half down bun is also a good choice.

    This costume is finished off with leg garters and jewel like trim but does not come up stockings.  White, thigh high stockings, especially delicate lace ones, are a great look but you can also go with fishnets in red, black or white. Shoes can be in any of these colors, keeping in mind that shoes that match the color of your stockings will make your legs look longer and trimmer.

    Accessories are interesting with the Little Red Riding Hood costume. For instance, instead of a purse, you can carry a little picnic basket. If you would like, you can add in little plastic foods or gifts for “grandma”.  Just watch out for the big bad wolf!

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