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Monthly Archives: May 2013

  • 6 Fancy Dress Costumes for Those Horror Movie Fans

    Ah, the people who live for the scary movies, from black and white to colour. Bela Lugosi to Robert Englund and any other actors that you can think of- they are all perfect inspiration for your next horror fancy dress costume ideas. Here are seven suggestions for you- the perfect answer to your what to wear when you dare to scare!

    1. Vampires from Lugosi to Edward

    Midnight Mistress Vampire Costume Midnight Mistress Vampire Costume

    Whether you want to dress in an old school vampire costume and be he of the perfect manners and refined looks, or something more modern, vampires are never going to be far from the top of the list for horror movie fans. You can choose to go all out with your costume from head to toe, or opt for a more understated look. Remember, the modern day vampires don’t wear the big black capes.

    2. The Wolfman or Taylor Lautner, the Woof! Man!

    Michael Landon was the sensitive face of the Wolfman. Michael J. Fox was the funny, furred one. And then there came Taylor Lautner, he of the chiseled cheeks and the rock hard abs. No matter how you want to wear the furry faces- the wolf costume is the way to go.



    3. The Bloody Victim

    Zombie Costume Zombie Costume

    Whether you have a nibbled neck or a torn up torso, the victim is a fabulous way to show off your costume wizardry and creativity. You can start with an old, or even a thrift store white dress (because white shows off the blood so much better) and buckets of fake blood, gore and whatever else you might want to add or choose a zombie costume. The grosser you go the better.

    4. Jason

    Once you start needing Roman numerals, you know that you have an amazing movie franchise on your hands. All that you need are jeans, a flannel shirt and of course, a white, old school hockey mask. Hey, don’t blame me if people start screaming and running when you show up!

    5. Freddy Kreuger

    One, two, Freddy’s coming for you… we all know the song. Mr. Scarred face and knives for fingers is a creepy fancy dress costume choice and is one of the best choices for your horror movie dress up event.

    6.  Leatherface

    One of the creepiest movies ever made, the Texas Chainsaw Massacre was the fodder of absolute nightmares for everyone who got to see it. Leatherface’s costume is simple- wear an apron over your clothes and the leather face mask. Chain saw is definitely

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