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Monthly Archives: April 2013

  • Popular Onesie Costumes: The Leopard, the Red Panda and the Tiger

    Have you ever noticed that there are some things that are so popular that they are almost universally beloved?  Even really repulsive and ugly things like acid wash jeans at one stage were popular you could see them on nearly everything and everyone. But who has time to deal with the ugly things in life?  Let's focus on the adorable things instead.  If you say certain words in a group of people you are going to get big smiles, oohs and ahs.  If you wear anything that has those things on them, you will get some much appreciated attention.  And, taking that one step further, if you wear adult costumes of that thing, you are going to be the absolute center of attention no matter where you are.  If you are wearing a Onesie costume the only thing that could be more adorable than you is a orphaned kitten playing with a ball of twine.  Here are three of the top picks that are sure to make people stare and smile.

    The Leopard


    Leopard Animal Onsie Leopard Animal Onsie

    Our adorable leopard Onesie is the perfect choice for anyone who wants to take a walk on the wild side without losing the ability to be warm and comfortable at the same time. Beige or orange backgrounds are spotted just like the pelt of the great cat.  Mr. Leopard's face and ears are right on the hood so there is no need for a mask or makeup of any kind.  That is an added bonus for those who are wearing their costume to work functions or are putting on their costume right after work.






    The Red Panda


    Red Panda Animal Onesie Adult Costume Red Panda Animal Onesie Adult Costume

    Everyone knows the panda, and while he is adorable and everything, it might be a little overdone. After all, the panda is everywhere these days!  Now, the red panda, he is a totally different story. In fact, there are many people who are not even sure what a red panda even is. Truth be told, there are some people who mistake this playful critter with some type of fox. (If someone makes this mistake, try not to titter right in their face.) The red panda Onesie costume is a lovely russet brown complete with a long tail and of course, the happy, pointed ears right on the hood.





    The Tiger


    Tiger Animal Onesie Adult Costume Tiger Animal Onesie Adult Costume

    Ah, the lion might be the king of the jungle, but his cousin the tiger is the king everywhere else. He is often listed as a favorite animal and a top answer to the question “if you were an animal, what would you be?”  The Onesie tiger costume is orange and black with the long, striped tail and the mock ferociousness of the tiger's face on the costume's hood.

    Adult Costume Shop stocks a full range of Animal Onesie Costumes in stock and ready for overnight delivery to metro and major regional areas.

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