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Monthly Archives: March 2013

  • Seven TV and Movie Fancy Dress Costumes for Adults

    Many times when people talk about fancy dress costumes from either TV or movies, they are all for the children. These ideas, however, are for the adults. To make things simpler, it is not just a single costume, but a group of costumes so that you can pick and choose.

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    Costume One: The Avengers

    Whether you want to be the good guys: Captain America, Iron Man, the Hulk, a bad guy like Loki, or a heroine like the Black Widow, you can dress in the costume of the hottest movies and has set records so don't be surprised if you have to fight tooth and nail for your costume, or even resort to making your own because your choice is all sold out.

    Costume Two: the Big Bang Theory

    One of the most popular shows on television, the Big Bang Theory, affectionately referred to as BBT by its fans, can be a great costume choice because there are no complicated outfits. To accomplish Sheldon Cooper for instance, you only need a comic book themed tee shirt and blue jeans with a superior, stand offish attitude. To become Rajesh, you only need to wear a sweater vest outfit and clam up whenever a woman is around. Female characters include Penny, Amy and Bernadette, each with her own unique charm.  As part of a sneak peak of 2013 costume range one of our costume brands may bring out an exciting new licensed range of BBT costumes.

    Costume Three: Star Trek

    A classic movie and television series, Star Trek is the perfect choice for fans of sci-fi as well as fans of the classics. There are dozens of choices including crew members from the various generations of the series, as well as the various life forms that they have encountered. Simple costumes for the crew members include one piece flight suits in red, blue or yellow. Other more complicated costumes include the Klingon warrior, Worf, or Seven of Nine who leaves the Borg to become a crew member.

    Costume Four: the Flintstones (or the Jetsons)

    Once vilified as nothing but an animated rip off of the Honeymooners, the Flintstones endured critics to become a beloved cartoon. Men can dress as Fred or his lovable neighbor, Barney Rubble. Women can be the flame haired Wilma or her brunette best friend Betty, Barney’s wife. Another option, the Jetsons, is a variation on the theme set in the spacey future.

    Batman Dark Knight The Joker Deluxe Costume Batman Dark Knight The Joker Deluxe Costume

    Costume Five: Batman

    Another choice that comes as both a movie and a series - Batman offers choices from both the Dark Knight and his loyal sidekick Robin, or the plethora of villains that bedevils them.

    Costume Six: The Simpsons

    One of the longest running animated series ever; the Simpsons are the yellow faced, strange haired family of middle class America from the town of Springfield. The series offers many other character choices for men, women and children. Bart, Marge, Homer and Lisa being the main characters.

    Costume Seven: My Kitchen Rules

    How many people sit in front of their television sets watching my kitchen rules while eating chips and wishing they could make duck sausages or other foods that they see there. Costume choices include the traditional white chiefs outfit. Carry a whisk or a spatula and you are set.

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