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Monthly Archives: February 2013

  • Black Ninja Adult Costumes

    Black Ninja Adult Costumes

    Sneaking into the room on your stocking feet and scaring your spouse does not make you a ninja! However, if you would like to dress as one, there is a perfect costume choice for you. The Black Ninja costume is not only the perfect look but it is also the perfect choice for a party, fancy dress or even for Trick or Treating. And, because of its appearance, this is the perfect choice for both men and women.

    Black Ninja Adult Costume Black Ninja Adult Costume

    From Head to Toe: Full Ninja Mode

    Like the traditional Ninja, the Black Ninja costume features a black hood and face mask which leaves only the eyes exposed. The top of the costume is a long tunic which covers the arms fully. If you want to add black gloves to cover your hands, you can do so. Black pants finish the basics of the costume. To keep the look as authentic as possible, make sure that you are wearing black shoes or boots. A quiet sole is important because you are a ninja, after all.

    It is a simple costume, easy to wear. It is comfortable and you can dance, move around or do anything that you want without feeling restricted in any way. In cooler climates, you can switch up some of the under gear so that you are warmer. You can also opt for lighter clothing under the tunic if you are afraid that you will be too warm. It is important to make sure that the colors of anything that you add to your ninja costume match well to one another. Don't assume that all black is the same black especially if you will be out in the sunlight where the differences will be highlighted in an unfavorably way.

    The Golden Touch

    Traditionally, the ninja is not seen- that is what makes him so effective. This is a costume, though and you might want to have a little more pizazz to your appearance. This costume gives you the traditional look mixed with just a little bit of glitzy gold accents. On the chest is a large, gold dragon. The waist is accented with a golden sash and there are thin golden laces that wrap around the lower legs. You certainly will feel bold and bad when you sneak into the party- try to keep people guessing about who you are for as long as possible!

    This is a fun costume, especially for people who like to make an impression when they show up. If you really want to be a hit, learn a few moves to perform when entering a room – or spend most of your time sneaking from buffet table to drink table.

    Kids Ninja Costumes

    Kids Ninja Costume Kids Ninja Costume

    If your looking for your whole family to dress up as Ninja's for a Halloween party this year then also check out the range of kids ninja costumes.

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