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Monthly Archives: January 2013

  • Hot and Sexy Army Costumes for Adults

    Hot and Sexy Army Costumes for Adults

    Army costumes may not seem hot and sexy to most people but they really can be. The colors, khaki, olive green and brown are kind of boring but they can be spiced up. Most uniforms are boxy and so big that it’s a wonder that anyone can move in them at all. But, inside of those boxy, bulky, heavy and hot costumes are the brave men and women of the armed forces. For them, the uniform is not a costume - it is their way of life. And so, for them, we do not mock or belittle their uniform by making changes to make them sexy, we celebrate and honor them.

    A Little Colour Change to Make Things Pop

    They say that a woman can make anything sexy with the addition of a little tank top. If she is wearing an army uniform all she needs to do is add a little white or red tank top and that is something shockingly simple and sexy. A pink tank hints at innocence and femininity which is also attractive. It doesn’t take a lot- and it works amazingly well.

    A Little Shorter, a Little Tighter

    Another option is to use the army jacket as is, over top of a short black or khaki skirt. The jacket should be just as long as the skirt itself so that it looks like you aren’t wearing anything else when seen from behind. A little pair of black boots with spiky heels is a great choice with this costume. Another short option is short shorts with the tank top or tee shirt.

    If you prefer not to wear the shorts or the short skirt, you can choose to use tighter pants instead.

    No matter what you are wearing, keep in mind that you are not in a regulation uniform. You can change up your hair, your makeup and other aspects of your appearance that a real soldier cannot. Even if you don’t make any change about the uniform itself, you can wear true siren hair or really bright lipstick and make it that much sexier. It might not be how much skin you are showing or not showing, it might not be about how tight clothing is or how low cut. It is about the attitude that you have and the way you present yourself.

    Finally, keep in mind that sexy army uniforms can be worn by both men and women. You could wear them for any type of dress up event or you could have a party where you honor service people - with dress up costumes, good food, good music and good times.

    Major Mayhem Military Costume Major Mayhem Military Costume











    Major Diva Army Costume Major Diva Army Costume










    Private Army Costume Private Army Costume

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