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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • Bedroom Fantasy Costumes: Maid/French Maid

    Even the most evolved man in the world hides a very deep, dark secret in the back of his naughty little brain. Yes, ladies, your man is imagining you in a costume that will either make you arch a brow in silent derision or will you make you openly cringe and recoil. It's not a monster costume. It's not a witch's costume. It is the maid costume. The French maid costume to be exact.

    Why They Love It : As if We Don't Know!

    The fantasy of having a naughty maid cater to your every whim is not a new one by any stretch. After all, there are stories throughout history of illegitimate children born to kings, dukes and barons in virtually every culture. Even Mel Brooks worked the line “it's good to be the king” in the movie, The History of the World, Part I after goosing a lovely young servant girl. Most men are not interest in subservient women on a daily basis but may like to fantasize about that concept from time to time. But the costume goes way beyond just the desired behavior because men are visual. So, it really does matter what you are wearing.

    Why We Love It

    Oh come on, ladies, we all know that we like the frilly, short skirt and the off the shoulder bodice that makes our shoulders front and center! There is nothing sexier than the French maid costume in the traditional sense but thankfully, there are even more options to choose from. Stick with the classic black with white accessories and trim, though, no matter what kind of material you choose. For the woman who likes to clip, clip, clip on the cutting edge with her stiletto heels, there is even a wet leather look French maid costume that is just edgy enough to look like fetish wear. Since you are in your bedroom, don't be shy. You can wear a short skirt that just covers your bottom which is especially cute if you add in some stiff crinolines to make the skirt fuller and more flirty. You can also choose to wear the neckline slightly off the shoulder or completely off- depending on how daring you are.

    Things to Add to the Costume

    In most cases, the costume will come with an apron that is either attached or tied around the waist. Some costumes will also have a lacy little headdress to complete the look. You can add special touches like fingerless gloves, fish net stockings and of course, black stiletto heels. A flirty feather duster can be used to “clean” the room as well as to tickle the nose of your lover. If you can, a French accent is an extra special touch and will help you get into the new character that is part of the fantasy. Of course, you can do other accents for your maid's costume – use the one that suits you best.

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