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Monthly Archives: June 2012

  • Five Rock Star Costume Ideas

    Ah, rock stars. We love them or we hate them. We fear them or we admire them. And regardless of how we “feel” about them one way or the other, most of us at one time have wanted to be one of them. After all, rock stars get all the swag and all the wild groupies, don’t they? Here are five rock star costume ideas that will help you let the inner rocker in you out to howl for the night.

    Number One: Meatloaf

    The plus sized guys are all out of luck when it comes to rock stars, right? That is unless they want to play the sad version of Elvis at the end of his career. Not true! Not true at all! Meatloaf, the plus sized rocker not only kicks musical tail on stage, but manages to make more than his fair share of girl’s get all rocker eyed in the process. All that you need is a poofy white shirt and black leather pants (early Meatloaf) or a more casual shirt, jeans and a trademark scarf (later Meatloaf). Then, dressed in this rock star costume it will be all Paradise by the Dashboard Lights for you, baby.

    Number Two: Axl Rose

    Pouty, tormented and often mocked and ridiculed, the former, current and then former front man of Guns N Roses is the perfect rock star costume (women can pull this one off quite nicely too, thank you very much). Again a white shirt and jeans is the perfect start for the Axl look. Tie a bandana around your head and scowl as much as possible. Definitely a good costume if you do not want to be the Sweet Child O’ Mine, any more.

    Number Three: Jon Bon Jovi

    If you want to have a softer edge, the hair bands may be the way to go. King of those of course is Jon Bon Jovi, who not only broke hearts but paved the way for others along the way. Blue jeans, a white tee shirt and a blue jean jacket are the basics, but a lion mained, heavily teased and sprayed hair style are the main focus. Come on! They called them “hair bands” for a reason!

    Number Four: Alice Cooper

    Time to go back to the old school for a little bit of shock rock and the man, who may have defined, destroyed and then redefined that particular genre of musical mayhem. Black leather from head to toe, white pancake makeup and a wicked boa constrictor that he brought on stage with him, Cooper not only could rock but he knew how to freak out an audience as well.

    Number Five: Ozzy Osbourne

    The former lead singer of Black Sabbath broke out as a solo act and then proceeded to work his way up to the Prince of Darkness. Just about anything goes here because Ozzy has worn pretty much everything. You can go shirtless with black leather pants, he has done it. You can wear a big cape and poofy hair. Done that too. Tons of makeup, no makeup, straight hair or puffy hair, it has all been done by Ozzy and done well. Get on the crazy train and see what you can come up with for your own version of the Oz man!

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