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Monthly Archives: April 2012

  • Lingerie Football League: What to Expect

    Dear Australia (and Asia), you are about to get players from the lingerie football league. So, what does it mean and what should you expect from it? It’s pretty simple really and the name says it all. Its football, as in the American style, rough and tumble, tackle football played by women in lingerie. It is appealing not only for the men who like to watch all of the pretty women in sexy bra and panty sets, but for women who like the action of a really good sporting event.

    The Basics of the Game

    The Lingerie Football League is a seven on seven tackle league, which was created in 2009. The game is played basically like other football games but there are no field goals and no punting. Each team suits up the same number of players on the field - and the basic rules remain the same. But, while the action is actually quite exciting everyone, even the players agrees that it is not the play on the field that gets the attention of spectators and sponsors, rather it is what the girls wear while playing the game.

    The Lingerie Football Player’s Uniform

    Each of the women wear bras, panties and garters that are in the color of their team. In addition, they wear shoulder, elbow and knee pads as well as a helmet that is more similar to those worn during ice hockey. Instead of a face mask, these helmets have clear plastic visors meant to protect their faces, especially their eyes.

    There have been some protests against the league saying that it was immoral and nothing more than exploitation of women, however many of the women say that they love the league and want to play the game their way. 

    The League’s Actions

    The league plays its games in major sports arenas in various cities during the fall and winter months- however, it has been announced that it will skip the 2012 season so that it can switch to a warm weather format instead. That allows the women to wear their lingerie “uniforms” without worrying about the cold temperatures.

    Several new cities are likely to get their own Lingerie Football franchise when the league restarts in 2013.

    How to Be a True Fan

    Football fans wear jerseys of their favorite team to cheer them on- why not do the same with the Lingerie league? Pull on your own lingerie uniform and then watch the game. If you are too shy to do that with others around, then do it with a special person and wear tee shirts for crowds.

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