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Monthly Archives: February 2012

  • Mad Hatter Costume

    Women's Mad Hatter CostumeThe Mad Hatter Costume is based on the classic character from Alice’s adventures in Wonderland. The character is popular and choosing a Mad Hatter Costume for a Halloween party can surely get you some praise.

    Some of the common elements of the costume include:

    Hat - The hat is the key element of Mad Hatter Costume. It is usually large and contains a tag or white card with ‘10/6’ written on it.

    Bow Tie - An oversize bow tie is also an essential element of the costume and helps in giving the unique look.

    Overcoat - The length can be altered based on the style and your personality.

    Mad Hatter Costume Styles - There are two styles – The Dark style and the Disney style.

    Disney Style - The main element of the Disney style Mad Hatter Costume is the vibrant colors. The hat, bow and overcoat are all different colours. The bow size is not large in this case and a prosthetic nose can be used.

    Dark Style - This style is taken from the character played by Johnny Depp in a Hollywood movie. The basic elements are same as they are in the Disney style. However the bow size is bigger. The colours are also dull, not bright. The costume gives an appearance of an old worn out one. Makeup also plays an important role in bringing out the dark side of the character and you might need to spend some time on it. The face is totally covered with white color and has red lips. There must also be eye shadow.

    Mad Hatter Costume for Women    

    You can easily find the female version of the costume in an online store. The basic elements remain the same with a few changes. Trousers are replaced with a skirt to give a more feminine and appealing look. Other accessories include high-heeled boots and stockings.

    Couples planning to attend a party can choose to wear different Mad Hatter Costumes and would certainly make a great pair, perfect for a Halloween or a theme party.

    The best place to buy the Mad Hatter Costumes is online. The number of options are immense and you can view the accessories available with the costume. Sometimes buying over a certain amount can get you additional discounts or free shipping. No taking out your car to drive to the market. Just a few clicks on the adult costume shop website and its all done. Presto!

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