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Monthly Archives: January 2012

  • Dance Costumes Will Make Your Party Awesome

    Your dance party is going to be a drag unless it has (A) hot people dancing, (B) great music (C) cocktails of some sort, and (D) something else.  What is the something else?  We think it’s dance costumes for adults.  Just think, while everyone else is organizing predictable parties and trendy fun, you can do something retro and something awesome.  For the best results, tell people to come dressed in their favorite fashion decade and come ready to show off those antiquated dance moves.  Here are some of our favorite dance costumes

    1. Belly Dancer

    Okay, maybe this is going back a bit far—like ancient civilization—but belly dancing is a timeless, sexy and amazing talent.  If you have a friend willing to come dressed as a belly dancer and treat you to a show, then your dance party is already certified cool.

    1. All That Jazz

    Let’s jump ahead to the 1920s with the flapper All That Jazz costume, which was recently revived in movies thanks to the Bob Fosse tribute film, Chicago.  The 1920s fashion is a wonderful throwback to classy, spunky and daringness.

    1. Brazillian Show Girl Costume

    It may be a throwback to the 1980s in terms of mainstream popularity but in Brazil it’s still very in!  The Brazillian Show Girl is tacky blue and has glorious feathers and plenty of skin.  It’s sure to impress guests who like an international flavor in dance costumes.

    1. Saloon Girl Fancy Dress Costume

    The best thing about the Old West?  Why, of course the saloon girls!  Otherwise, it was a rather violent depressing time, no?  Hey, why not have someone pay tribute to the saloon girl, and perhaps convince a friend of a friend to come as a cowgirl?  It’s a tribute to the Old West and makes for some great rodeo style dance moves.

    1. Vegas Showgirl

    Jump the 1990s and the 2000s with the Vegas Showgirl, a reminder of all the hotness you get (and leave) in the legendary Sin City.  This beauty comes complete with a feather, black stockings and boa.

    1. One Word: Disco!

    Yes, it’s impossible to forget the 1970s, the only time Disco was ever fashionable.  Come on though, how can you not have a dance theme party without some genuine Disco dance moves?  Get into the mood by suggesting disco dance costumes including flashy snake skin shirts and tight pants.

    Have some fun and let’s toast to the dance style of yesterday with some great dance costumes!

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