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Monthly Archives: December 2011

  • The Best Catwoman Costume

    Eartha Kitt was the best Catwoman of all time, followed closely by Julie Newmarr. Not to take anything away from Michelle Pfeiffer or Halle Berry, of course, those are two stunning women as well, but Ms. Kitt - she made the role her own. And, no matter which woman/cat hybrid you think of when you think of the role, there are some things about the costume that you have to think about. So, what makes the best catwoman costume? I guess that depends on what you think makes the best catwoman.

    From the very basic version to the more spectacular examples out there, the catwoman costume is definitely a sexy choice, but it might not be for everyone. Okay, before anyone starts tensing up, thinking that there is about to be something said about size or weight or anything insane like that, calm down. It is not about the size of the costume that you wear, the consideration in this case is the type of material that your costume is made of and what kind of event you are going to.

    One great catwoman costume is made of something that looks like latex- a material with a lot of stretch that clings to the body almost like a lover’s lingering touch. While you might want to keep in mind that means highlighting bumps and bulges, you also want to keep in mind that if you don’t choose the right size from the very start, you are going to have a problem and quickly. Too tight, and the costume will attach itself firmly into your cracks and crevices and you will spend the night playing movie usher (picking your seat, in other words), too loose and it might look like you have missed an opportunity to go to the rest room. Real latex may keep its shape and stay where you put it, but it is ghastly hot. The minute you move more than a few steps you will start feeling like you are silently melting into a puddle of catwoman goo. Good grief, woman! If they turn the lights up and start the dancing, you might start splashing around in your own boiling juices!

    Once you find the right catwoman costume that will allow you some movement and sex appeal without pinching, pulling or any other atrocity, you need to finish it with the perfect accessories. Nothing says terrible and sad like glancing at a woman who is ultra sexy right down to her played out kicks. Really? White tennis shoes with your catwoman costume seemed okay? Get yourself some good looking boots or dangerous looking pumps ladies, which would be purrfect!

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