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Monthly Archives: November 2011

  • Christmas Costume Ideas for this Holiday Season

    Christmas CostumesThe holiday seasons kick off for some people in October with Halloween and for others, in November with Thanksgiving. The big one though, is Christmas with many people looking for new and interesting ways to spend that holiday with family and friends. Some will have parties and special gatherings, while others will have pageants and parades to go to. Through all of these exciting moments, there may come a time when you need to find a Christmas costume to wear. Whether it is a religious, serious costume or something playful and fun, there are some very interesting choices to keep in mind.

    The Living Nativity

    In most communities, the Living Nativity is performed by interested parties in the appropriate costumes. Your role is usually assigned which means that you are not going to walk in to find that every woman came as the Virgin Mary and every man as Joseph. There are a number of costume ideas for this performance. If you can sew, you can also make your own.

    The Claus Family

    There is always one person who wants to let their inner Santa out at least once a year. They will have their very own costume to wear; one they have owned for some time. If there isn’t one of these people in your immediate circle, talk someone into being Santa and either buy, rent or borrow the costume. You can sweeten the deal by having a Mrs. Claus helping him out with the night’s chores. Mrs. Claus can be either the old lady version or the sexy, hot thing- depending on who is going to be in attendance and the image you want to project.

    Elves, Reindeers, Snowmen and More

    To round out the Christmas costume choices, there are some very fun ones to work with. Elves can be either children or playful adults. Reindeer can be boys or girls- with or without a blinking red nose. Snowmen can be snow people, so girls can be one too. Some of these are simple costumes to pull together on your own- for instance, the snowman can be accomplished by wearing a white sweat suit and topping it off with a black hat and red scarf. If you want, you can paint your face white and add a carrot nose.

    A Bad Christmas Costume Idea

    Whatever you do, don’t make a Christmas costume choice that will make little children run from the room in tears. If you gasp when you see yourself in the mirror, it is a bad idea!

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