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Monthly Archives: October 2011

  • Choosing Your Spiderman Costume

    Superhero CostumesYou can wear a Spiderman costume whether you are two or fifty two. You don’t even have to be a man to be a Spiderman and no, you don’t have to go halfhearted and wear the Spider girl costume that just never really did catch on. Boy or girl, man or woman, you can wear the Spiderman costume, the end. But, there are other things you will have to keep in mind.

    The traditional, old school Spiderman costume was red and blue with the big black spider right on the chest. There was nothing wrong with that one, but of course, modern day movie makers have decided that they needed a bit of a change to the look of Spiderman. To make their super hero look bigger and buffer, the newer costumes are a bit snugger and there may have been a bit of Hollywood trickery afoot as well. Regardless, everyone’s favorite arachnid superhero not only looked good on the screen, he inspired thousands of his fans to go get their own Spiderman costume as well.

    When Spiderman was slated to take to the skies once again, the costume was the sticking point. Everyone battled about what the design would be. There was a black, wet look costume that some thought made him look like a bad guy. There was a red version of that costume. The newer costumes have eliminated the blue from the Spiderman costume completely, no matter what they look like.

    Once upon a time, the Spiderman costume was the favorite among little boys. In those days, Halloween and other costume events were populated by super heroes, the occasional villain and a few other costume types. Whether it was the ability to climb walls or swing on webs, Spiderman was always one of the superheroes that people could identify with and still envy.

    At the time the first Spiderman movie was released, the stores were flooded with some pretty interesting merchandise, which was great not only for play time fun but for added excitement to the costume. The web slinger, which was only a palm held can of silly string, made wearing the Spiderman costume even more fun, whether it was wielded by a young kid or an adult. Kids even slept in Spiderman pajamas or dressed up in their Spiderman costume, even when it wasn’t time to go trick or treating or anything else.

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