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Monthly Archives: September 2011

  • Why There Are Never as Many Men’s Costumes

    Mens CostumesMen are weird little creatures, aren’t they? Every day they pull on their suit and tie, their bib overalls or heaven help us, their little shorts and jersey combo and head off to whatever it is that they do for a living. Whether they are running a giant company or driving a giant vehicle or anything else in the world, they have the same intentions- to get through the day and come back home, pull on the clothes they are more comfortable in and go back to being men. They wear costumes every day or so it seems, so why are there never as many men’s costumes then? Think I am wrong? Go to the local costume shop or pull up a costume site online and start counting, baby. You will find countless styles and options for babies and children (both boys and girls) and oh, what you won’t find for the ladies! But, then meander, mosey, heck, skip if you want to, over to the men’s costumes section and see what you find or how many you find. The pickings are slim to be sure.

    Most places play to the crowd- you have to understand that. Why carry something if you are not going to sell it? It is a basic tenet of marketing. Give the people what they want. If you know that you can sell a dozen of one costume but only one of another, you are going to have the bigger seller, at least if you are a smart retailer. Men have simple needs when it comes to their dress up time. They want something that won’t make them look like sissies, is still relatively comfortable and will let them drink beer and go the restroom when they need to. If they are single guys, they want a costume that will help them catch the eye of the little blondie in the corner. If they are married guys, they will want a costume that will help them be invisible to their wives while they gawk at the little blondie in the corner.

    Men’s costumes are usually fairly straight forward: superheroes, villains, monsters and the things they wish they could be or reminders of what they once were. Now, that is not to say that there are not the dramatic men that enjoy a good costume and a dress up event as much as a woman because there certainly are. I’m just saying that there are more women that do so.

    There are men who will throw on a hat and let their beard grow for a week or so and say it is there costume. There are men who will wear whatever their wife leaves out on the bed for them although he may grumble quietly to his friends later that night. And then there are the men who are going to find themselves exciting and planning, waiting for that dress up occasion with barely contained enthusiasm.

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