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Monthly Archives: August 2011

  • Superhero Costume - Make Your Own, Hero and All

    Superhero CostumeWe all know the popular super heroes, Spiderman, Batman and Superman. They are all great and there certainly are a number of superhero costumes that you can choose from, whether you are a man, a woman or child. But you can also choose to make your own superhero costume and while you’re at it, make your own superhero as well. Here are a few simple tips:

    Decide what kind of superhero costume you want by choosing the type of superhero you will be. Are you going to be a dark and slightly scary superhero like Batman? Will you be a superhero that focuses on brute strength, or one that is smarter than the average bear? What kind of powers will you give your superhero? The answers to those questions will determine what the super hero costume that you create will look like.

    The Very Basics of Any Superhero Costume for Most Males

    Superhero Costumes for MenLook at the male superheroes that you admire so much and you will see they have, for the most part, one thing in common: tights or body suits. If you don’t want to go that route, you can use sweat outfits or for a really amusing take on the super hero costume, a vinyl exercise suit. The color that you choose will be based on the type of super hero that you are and what your secret powers are going to be. Hunk O’Burning Love Man would have a red costume, for instance.

    The Very Basics of the Superhero Costume for Women

    For women, the common thread is the brevity of the costume and of course, breast plates. Look at the Wonder Woman costume- it is little more than a glorified bathing suit and Xena, a warrior princess, not technically a superhero, has only slightly more on. If you can find an armored breast plate, you have the basis of the sexiest superhero costume.

    The finishing touches

    Of course, no self respecting superhero costume would be complete without having the right finishing touches and accessories. For most, a cape in a matching or complementary color of the costume is in order. Other accessories will depend on the type of superhero that you are- for instance, if you are Mega Monkey Man, a belt of plastic bananas can be the perfect touch.

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