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Monthly Archives: July 2011

  • Why a Couples Halloween Costume is a Good Way to Kick off the Season

    Couple Halloween costumes allow you to feel like a team- like you are both doing something you enjoy. It lets you get in touch with your inner imps and demons and reconnects you to the child you once were and the adult you have become. Imagine a young couple just starting out. They come to their marriage with very little in the way of furniture or house hold goods, but they both share a love for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. They stop at a yard sale and buy all of the holiday decorations that are there. That year, they dress as vampires and spend the evening nibbling each others necks. Though they are invited to a party, no one sees their couple Halloween costumes because they never leave the house.

    The following year, they do get out of the house, dressed as Mama and Papa Bear, proudly carrying their sleeping Baby Bear, just three weeks old. The fact that they only make it to two or three houses before they start thinking a nap would be a good idea, is not missed by anyone. And so they go, every year dressing in Halloween couple costumes that reflect their growing family. Every now and then a new one joins their little group, including a beautiful Golden Retriever who has the patience of a saint. He has endured a dozen crazy costumes and has carefully walked up and down the hallway, with a child holding double handfuls of his fur as the make their wobbly way from crawler to walker.

    Every year, the couple finds the perfect Halloween costume. They go online and shop, or they go to the boutique now that they can actually afford to do so. And, every now and then, they will spot a yard sale in the distance and they will remember that first year as newlyweds. They will slow down and if there are holiday decorations, they stop, adding to their enormous collection of pumpkins and ghosts, turkeys and pilgrims, angels and Santa’s. And just every now and then, they will luck out and they will find more costumes and they will buy them, thinking that there is really no need to wait until Halloween to try them on.

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