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Monthly Archives: May 2011

  • Sexy Leopard Costumes - Spotted by Everyone in the Room

    Sexy Cat Costume IdeasSexy Leopard Costumes. Purr, purr, purr. There are kitty cat costumes; cute, adorable and boring, darling. There are far bigger kitties to play with, sexier kitties, more dangerous kitties. Kitties like the leopard. Sexy leopard costumes can gain you far more attention than the traditional kitty costume and can be just as simple to pull together. Like most feline costumes, the sexy leopard costume starts with a sexy body suit, a cat suit, a sexy tutu or if you prefer tight pants and a tank and then moves on from there.

    If you want the freedom of a two piece costume, you can have that with leopard print pants, possibly even in leather or pleather if you prefer and a tight, leopard print tank top. Your hair should be as wild as possible and you can paint exotic leopard spots onto your face to make the look complete. Wear long leather or leather look gloves and stiletto heels and your sexy leopard costumes will never be mistaken for a kind and sweet, domestic kitty.

    Sexy leopard costumes can also start with the cat suit but that is not always the look that people want to pull off, nor are they always able to. If you are comfortable with the look though, by all means, go for it. The cat suit can be found in nearly every print but if you are not finding leopard you can use a plain black and add in your own spots. For a punk rock twist on the sexy leopard costume for instance, you can use day glo paint and paint your own spots. The added bonus of course is the fact that your costume will not only be noticeable during the day but will glow in the dark and stand out at night as well.

    To complete your sexy leopard costumes, you want to choose the makeup that will give you all the right looks. For some people, it is realism that they want, so they will go all out. Buying a professional quality makeup kit is the best way to achieve the right look for your leopard’s face and many of them will come with guidelines for step by step application of the makeup for a variety of different costumes. Other people may opt for wearing simple painted on whiskers and maybe a hint of color on their nose. If you choose a minimal look for your makeup, keep in mind that sexy cat eyes are a perfect addition to the costume and are universally flattering.

    Finally, the shoes that you wear with your sexy leopard costume may change things dramatically as well. Sexy, stiletto heels or thigh high boots say “I am a dangerous, sexy kitty, approach with great care while simple black sneakers or flats say, “I am a kitty, give me milk.” you choose the message that you want to send and then make sure that it is easily understood and received from head to toe.

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