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Monthly Archives: March 2011

  • Dorothy, the Wizard of Oz Costume

    Adult Dorothy Costume from the Wizard of OzAh, poor Dorothy, all she wanted was the chance to speak in defense of her little dog, Toto, but life was hard back then and no one had time to listen to the poor thing. As a child, the Queen of Halloween waited breathlessly for the annual showing of the Wizard of Oz and truth be told, her and the Royal Squeeg, otherwise known as the Queen’s sister, would reenact the cyclone scene more than a time or two, usually warranting threats of unspeakable violence hailed down upon us by our mother. Strange though, neither of us ever wore the Dorothy costume ourselves.

    Dorothy, the Wizard of Oz Costumes for Toddlers

    Little baby, poor little lamb, can’t say what you want to be for Halloween so mom gets to choose. Thankfully, she has opted to go for the Dorothy costume, so that is a good one. For baby, nothing more than the pretty blue and white checked dress is necessary. If you do opt for the little wig, only put it on baby long enough for a picture or two and then take it back off. Torturing baby for your own amusement and photo ops sounds a lot more fun than it actually is.

    Dorothy, the Wizard of Oz Costumes for Children

    Big Foot has never sat through the whole Wizard of Oz yet; the Queen is still demanding proof that is really her child. Other children her age though are perfectly excited to be Dorothy, complete with the little basket with the stuffed doggie in it. White tights are perfect to complete the look and protect little legs from fall’s nasty nips.

    By the way, if the Queen ever did convince Big Foot to wear a Dorothy costume, it is a safe bet that she would try to cram one of these evil and ultra brainless dogs into a basket to complete her look. Lovely thought, right?

    The Adult version of the Dorothy, Wizard of Oz Costume

    Judy Garland was 16 when she filmed the Wizard of Oz, earning far less than the older actors she worked with. (Only Terry, the doggie actor who played Toto earned less). The costume can be worn by practically anyone at any age and indeed, many adult women have chosen the Dorothy Costumes as the perfect choice for them- whether they are wearing something that is pretty authentic or something a little more risqué. Naughty Dorothy costumes are always popular and a good choice for an adults only party where you might find your perfect, Tin Man.

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