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Monthly Archives: February 2011

  • The Sexy Nurse Costume; Kissing Boo-Boos and Making it All Better

    Nurse Costumes for WomenWell hello, pretties. The Queen of Halloween is never as amused as she is at Halloween and all of the silly girls come out whining that men are pigs, they are dogs, they are animals. Well, of course, they are, ladies. Why else would we keep the slathering beasties around? And, do you want to know what is getting these gals all worked up, at least this time? It is the sexy nurse costume of all things! Can you imagine? There are women who are absolutely outraged about the idea of a man being turned on by this costume choice. Well, for those of you who have some actual sense and understand the appeal of the sexy nurse costume, this one’s for you! (The rest of you be gone before the Queen of Halloween gets testy and pulls on her Queen of Mean tiara!)

    The basics of the sexy nurse costume are fairly simple: you need the tight white nurse’s uniform and the heavily starched nurse’s cap and you are all set to make temperatures rise and blood pressure shoot sky high. It is the little extras that make this one rock, after all. And, it may be true that most nurses wear neither the dress nor the cap for actual work, it is the spirit of the costume that we are after, not the realism!

    Your next step for the sexy nurse costume is to inject about a billion cc’s of raw sex appeal into the look from head to toe. A nurse on duty wears her hair in a nice and tidy way- usually braided so that it is professional and more importantly, out of her way. For the costume version though, the focus should be on learning to avoid pick up lines, not checking IV lines so go with a more tousled, just out of bed look. Tease your hair like you are going to do to all of the naughty boys at the party and then spray it. For an extra naughty touch, use glitter hairspray or add some saucy streaks of color in your ‘do.

    Next, go full on glam with your makeup including smoky eyes and lots of lashes to bat and wink and nice, full, pouty lips in shiny, glossy red or rosy pink. Now, add a stethoscope, preferably one in pretty colors and drape it artfully around your neck so that it dangles to your cleavage.

    Because the skirt is fairly short, your legs are going to be on display- make sure that you make the most of them by wearing sexy hose- your choice of lacy or fishnet. Now, the final step of your sexy nurse costume is the shoes. A real nurse, bless her heart, is on her feet all day and has to wear shoes that will let her do her job without killing her in the process. But, because you are only paying homage to the real deal in your sexy nurse costume, you can wear shoes that a nurse would laugh and scoff at. The Queen’s favorite suggestion: white, platform Mary Janes but there are certainly other, sexy shoes that you can pick as well.

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