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Monthly Archives: January 2011

  • Sexy Police Swat Team Costumes

    Sexy Police Costumes for WomenYou know the scene: you are watching a movie, an action packed cop movie. Things are getting pretty tense between the evil villain and the super sensitive good cop. The standoff is getting vicious and has been stretching out for hours, (in movie time that is). Finally, the older, wiser and much crustier police chief decides to call in the swat team to end the standoff once and for all. The swat team comes onto the screen for like fifteen seconds, squeezes off a single shot and doesn’t utter more than ten words of dialogue. When you get home that night, what do you talk about? Do you talk about the handsome, sweet faced rookie cop that dies in the early moments? Do you talk about the rugged, handsome and misunderstood lead character or the older, chief? No, you talk about the swat team, the fellows that were on screen for a blip of time and barely spoke. How sexy are they?

    Sexy police swat team costumes start with black slacks and a black tee shirt or dress shirt. A faux bullet proof vest and a helmet are great items to add authenticity. If you want, you can buy these two things only and gather the rest of the sexy police swat costume from items that you have. As an accessory, you can carry a fake gun, ideally, a fake sniper rifle.

    The attitude that you bring to these sexy police costumes is even more important than the costume itself. You should have the air of someone that is there to rescue the party or event from the threat of boredom and other potential problems. If you want to play it a little smug, then you can.

    Sexy police swat team costumes are a great choice not only for Halloween events but for other types of dress up fun as well. If you are hosting a movie event featuring cop dramas, then you can greet your guests with this awesome and super sexy choice.

    Now, what shoes to you wear with your sexy police swat team costumes? Take a page from the real swat team’s books and wear flat black shoes (no shine, they cause reflection) with softer soles so that you can sneak in on your target.

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