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Monthly Archives: November 2010

  • Christmas Costumes: From Angels to Er, Zebras?

    Christmas Costumes

    Okay, Elizabeth T. Elf here and let’s start by saying, there are no zebras. Wipe that smirk off your face; I know there are zebras, just not in the selection of Christmas costumes. Now, if we have that all straight, let’s move on shall we. There are a number of Christmas costumes that you can pick from, starting with the traditional, Christmas story selections and then moving into the more secular costume choices. And there are a number of reasons that you might need them, so you have to choose based on where you are going, why you would be wearing one and of course, who you are.

    Angels, Wise Men and the Baby Jesus

    Christmas pageants and plays wouldn’t be anything without the real reason for the season. Dressing a baby as the Baby Jesus for the living manager scene is a time honored tradition and one that will make for precious family Christmas cards as well. Little boys tend to get pressed into duty as Joseph, the Wise Men and of course, as shepherds and the miscellaneous animals, while little girls are angels, Mary and little animals.

    Animal Christmas Costumes

    On that note, since public schools can no longer have a Christmas play and are instead doing holiday or winter presentations, they tend to get to wear all animal costumes like penguins or polar bears. The more traditional animal Christmas costumes are camels, donkeys and of course, sheep. Of course, I would be a very bad Elf if I did not mention my friends, the reindeer.

    Interesting Characters for Christmas Costumes

    Okay, when little kids and the big ones that never did grow up think about Christmas, they often think of Santa and Mrs. Claus (really great people, smell just like sugar cookies) Snowmen and of course, (blush, blush) the Elves. These costumes are so much fun to wear that you will find yourself singing and tapping your toes, smiling at everyone that you see. It is really hard to be a grumpy, gloomy Gus with pointed shoes and jingle bells, after all!

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