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Monthly Archives: July 2010

  • Princess Costumes – Regal Attractive and Super Sexy


    Ah, girls, only one of us can be the Queen and sorry, but that crown is firmly on top of my little, blonde head. However, I will allow all of you to have the title of Princess, so you can wear princess costumes and dream that you are somewhere near as adorable as me. (Best of luck on that, ladies!)

    The princess costume that you choose can be a pre-made costume or one that you put together using found items. Either way, make sure that you use a color that complements your own coloring and matches. All accessories that you had or buy with the costume should be of the same color or you will be thrown off and not quite right. For the princess costume, the most important part and the starting point is the dress itself. Remember the dress that you have should be regal, attractive and fit correctly. The princess costume is one of the best for hiding figure flaws, especially if you opt for one with the false, nipped in waist that can help you fake an hourglass figure.

    After you find the dress, you should start thinking about the accessories that you would like to add. If you try to use too many, you will come off looking tacky and garish rather than regal and royal. The right look is the one that creates a real princess look. For a dress that is sleeveless or halter top, you can add lacy or satiny elbow length gloves. Gloves will work with other types of sleeves, however if the sleeves are long, opt for gloves that stop at your wrist and then lay off some of the jewelry.

    The second most important factor of your princess costume is the tiara or crown that you wear. If you do not want to spend a lot of money on a jeweler quality piece, look for one that is faux but fun, but do steer clear of the tasteless ones that just scream “toy”. Another option for a short term solution is to rent a tiara if you do not have a princess friend you could borrow one from.

    Add a little glitter to your makeup as well as in your hair and you are set and ready to go. You are now ready to be the belle of the ball, the princess of the evening. Just remember to be careful how you address the Queen!

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