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Monthly Archives: May 2010

  • Party Costumes

    Party CostumesThere is an invitation in the mail- you are going to a party, a costume party. Now, what are you going to wear? The choices come flying along to you- will you be wearing sexy, flirty, sassy, scary or funny? Will you wear your same old party costume, the one that everyone will be assuming that you will be wearing and will be expecting? Or will this be the first year that you finally break you out of your same old mould and find something new to wear? Will this be the year that everyone gasps at your costume?

    There are far too many choices for party costumes to keep on wearing the same thing every year- now is the time to find a new you, even if it is only for a single night. Perhaps the invitation came on the heels of a horrible breakup. Your first instinct is to take the invitation and use it to wipe away the tears that keep boring down your face.  Okay, enough of that! The old saying goes, pull yourself up by your bra straps, lass and lets move your…well, anyway, it’s not good to sit around and mope, not over some man even if you were convinced that he was the man at the time. You are going to be going to a party and you will be having a great time- I promise.

    Party costumes could mark the beginnings of your whole new life- and back to the dating game. Don’t try to rush it, though. If you are not ready for a really flashy and splashy entrance, then stick to more laid back party costumes. Even if you are faking a smile on the outside and breaking apart on the inside, you could choose one of the funnier party costumes instead. Think of it, you could be just like one of the opera clowns, heartbroken and still trying to make people laugh.

    You never know, with the right party costumes, the right accessories and the right makeup, you might actually start feeling the emotions that you are faking- and by the end of the night those tears might be tears of laughter as you start chatting with the next, potential Mr. Ideal.

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