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Monthly Archives: January 2010

  • Witches, Warlocks and Wizards: Magical Halloween Costumes

    Adult Witch Costume Adult Witch Costume

    The Queen of Halloween is perplexed. It seems that the small child that runs through the kingdom with her giant feet and insane love for headbands would like to be a witch for Halloween. Normally, this would not be such a problem, but the child was a witch last year also. In her six years, she has been a beagle (the most adorable costume ever) a pink pony, (a yard sale find, the Queen knows a bargain when she sees one) and a witch. No, she did not miss several years of Trick or Treating- she has been a witch every year since she found out we could not magically stuff her back into that pink pony costume again. The Queen has dressed as a witch a time or too herself, but never twice in a row!  Ah well, I am just glad that she is in the spirit of the thing and grateful for this one night of the year when She of the Giant Duck Flipper Feet is actually not afraid of the dark. Here are some tips for making the most of your witches, warlocks and wizards costumes:

    Witches, Warlocks and Wizards: The Costume Basics

    Kids Witch Costume Kids Witch Costume

    Regardless of which category you are conjuring up, you have to start with the very basics. For the witches costume basics there are several choices: sassy, sexy, sweet or scary. For the younger witches, (witchlets) aim for the sweeter versions of witch costumes so they don’t scare themselves. The best of the basics are black of course and the rest will depend on how much witchy skin they allow to peek through. Warlocks and wizards can start with basic dress slacks and a button down shirt and then add the right finishing touches. If you are following the Harry Potter look, add the robe and tie, or if you prefer, use a purple and gold printed wizard’s robe instead. Warlocks can wear a hooded cape and should try to look fairly menacing.


    The Costume Accessories

    Witches, warlocks and wizards each get to have accessories which are part of the fun of most costumes. For the witch costume, the main accessory is the pointed hat but a broom or a creepy magic wand is a nice touch as well. Warlocks and wizards can also carry wands as well. Keep in mind though that no matter what you add to your costume you will have to carry around- if you are out for a night of trick or treating for instance, do you want to carry around a bunch of stuff?

    The Costume Makeup

    If you are wearing a sexy little witch’s costume and are hoping to catch the eye of Phil from accounting at the office party, do you really want to add a big, hairy wart and green skin to the mix? Make sure that you gear your face and hair to the look you are trying to create. After all, Glinda, the Good Witch of the North was beautiful but every bit as powerful as the others. Of course, she did not have to live in a gold stone castle with a bunch of monkey minions either.

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