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Monthly Archives: December 2009

  • Five of the Best Halloween Choices for Halloween 2009 (Adults)

    They say that to know what the Halloween trends for the years are going to be you need look no further than the local theater. The biggest Hollywood movies are likely to spawn look alike representatives at Halloween time- especially if they are the kind of costumes that could make a person look bigger, stronger, faster, smarter or sexier than they feel in real life.

    Let’s look at those concepts. Why do most adults don costumes in the first place? To feel better about themselves or to let an inner “person” out if only for the one night. Think about it: how many men actually get the chance to be a superhero in real life? They rarely get to crash through a plate glass window and rescue their lady love. The closest they ever get to that is that time they demanded an apology from the rude waiter. (And refused to leave a tip. Take that, Batman!)  Halloween is the time to let those feelings out, to express parts of your personality that may not get to be as developed as you would like. It is also the chance to get away from the business or work persona that you have to keep on a daily basis. After all, people do not buy insurance from guys who look like Marilyn Manson or some big biker for the most part.

    The Five Choices (in no particular order)

    Side note: There are actually ten choices, because I have elected to add the male/female version of each concept.

    1. The Dark Knight (male) or Batgirl/Cat Woman (female)

    Ah, the utility belt, the rippling muscles, the dreamy dark edge- indulge every fantasy that you can think of with this costume choice. The women get to slink into the room with a tight cat suit- and practice rolling their R’s as they repeat the word “ purrrrfect” for every question. Other options:  Poison Ivy, The Joker and the Riddler

    2. Rorschach (male) and the Silk Spectre (female) from the Watchmen

    The Watchmen character Rorschach wore an ever changing mask that mimicked his emotions and a long brown coat. Simple, but dramatic, the perfect costume choice for the slightly more reserved man who might be looking for a way to let out his inner super hero. For women, the character of the Silk Spectre wore a form fitting blue costume- (again with the skin tight, I am sensing a theme developing here.)  Other choices from the film include: Sally Jupiter, the Comedian, but it would take a really, really brave soul to volunteer to be big, blue and naked for any kind of party.

    3. Elvira (female) or Dracula (male)

    No matter what, there will always be vampires for Halloween. One of the easiest costumes to find and one of the easier personas to slip into- the vampy Elvira or the vampiric Dracula allows the slightly darker side of your personality out- and what could be more perfect for Halloween?

    4. John Dillinger (male), Bonnie (or other female gangster/ female)

    Ah, Johnny Depp, you could make any character dreamy. Thanks to Depp’s portrayal of the legendary bank robber on the big screen, look for plenty of well dressed men at your next Halloween party- suits, ties and fedoras, with optional Tommy Gun- what could be sexier?  Women, you get to slip out of the cat suit for once with this choice- and into figure flattering suits. (Dream Girl makes a really fabulous, but really daring lady gangster costume.)

    5. The Michael Jackson Tribute Costumes (male)

    We all know that come October 31, there are going to be literally millions of Michael’s wandering about- spanning every decade and look of his career. Choose the Michael that best fits your persona- or that relates a favorite time in your life and run with it. The woman in your life could dress as Lisa Marie Pressley, Brooke Shields, Elizabeth Taylor or Diana Ross depending on what era you choose to dress as.

    Bottom line: Dress to accentuate something you would like to enhance about your personality or to hide something that you would rather downplay. It is only for one night, so let your inner being out to play. You can be boring again on November 1.

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