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Adult Costume Shop Blog

Adult Costume Shop Blog

  • Baby One More Time - Britney's costume influences

    It seems like just yesterday that the then 18-year-old Britney Spears burst onto the music scene wearing a sexy schoolgirl costume in her Baby One More Time video.

    Baby One More Time Baby One More Time











    Since that time the pop singer has gone from red leather jumpsuit in Oops I Did It Again to a Ring Master Costume in her 7th concert tour the circus.

    Ringmaster Costume

    Although she has worn many a sexy outfit over the years Britney maintains that she prefers the casual look, and is quoted as saying ‘I love my jeans and my sweats - I’m really just a tomboy at heart. So it’s really hard for me to be like Kim Kardashian and be makeup- and hair-ready every time I go out of my house.

    ‘I’m not a believer in that, you know? On the other hand, when you do wear those sweats, you’re like, "Oh God, I should step it up a notch".’

    For all the costumes over the years the one that everyone will remember most is likely to be the Slave to you outfit from the 2001 MTV VMAs awards, it raised eyebrow and was one of the most popular Sexy Halloween Costumes in 2002.

    Slave for you costume
  • Fifty Shades of Grey Costume Ideas


    Fifty Shades of Grey the movie premiered in Australia this week and has had mixed reviews.  Fans who have read the books are generally giving it the thumbs up, while critics have not been too kind.  The movie is based on the series of books by EL James, which have sold over 100 million copies world wide.  The story follows the deepening relationship between a young college graduate Anastasia “Ana” Steele and wealthy business entrepreneur Christian Grey.  Christian Grey has a secret sexual hobby of bondage, discipline, dominance, submission and BDSM.  Ana agrees to become his submissive and enters his secret world of Fifty Shades...

    If you would like to create some Fifty Shades of Grey role playing at home, then we’ve collated four costume ideas that would be great to get you started!  Click on an image below for more details on our website, or visit :

    Baci Negligee, Eye Mask & Cuff Set Baci Negligee, Eye Mask & Cuff Set

    Baci Red Bedroom Costume Baci Negligee, Eye Mask & Cuff Set


    Fifty Shades of Grey bedroom costume Baci Lace Cuff, Eye Mask, Pasties & Panty set

    Baci Bra Top, Panty, Collar Lace Cuff with Chain set Baci Bra Top, Panty, Collar Lace Cuff with Chain set
  • Now a Halloween Costume #IceBucketChallenge

    You can now dress like someone who just participated in the popular social media fundraiser known as the Ice Bucket Challenge, thanks to this Halloween Ice Bucket Challenge costume.  What do you think, is it sure to be popular this Halloween or not?

    Ice Bucket Challenge Costume Ice Bucket Challenge Costume


    Need to demystify the Ice Bucket Challenge? Check out this video...

    And lend your support to ALS

    Check out our Halloween Costumes for other ideas for this years Halloween.

  • The Classic Sexy Costumes

    A sexy nurse costume is a classic. Other classics include the school girl costume, the sex kitten and the various armed forces costumes.  In fact, nearly every costume that you can think of probably has a sexy counterpart.  Some just remain classics because they are that great.  These are the costumes that are never out of favor.  These are the costumes that will always sell well.  These are the costumes that most people want.

    Sexy Nurse Costume Sexy Nurse Costume

    For a costume to be considered a “classic” it has to have real staying power. The Miley Cyrus costume from last season was amusing and sexual if not necessarily sexy but is not going to be as popular this year because that whole event has been talked to death.  In fact, if you ask some of the people, including those who were the most outraged at the time about that particular award show, you might be surprised by how few details people will be able to give.  Many of them may not even remember the name of the singer that Cyrus performed with on that fateful night.  The costume was a hit last year because it was fresh on everyone’s mind.  This year? Not so much.

    Another thing that sets the classics apart from the Hottie Come Lately costumes is the ability to choose your levels.  A sexy nurse costume could be just a regular nurse costume with the top undone just a little more than necessary or it could be a full blown, fetish style latex costume that would be worn for a very private, intimate party for two.  Some of the new “sexy” costumes are nothing more than an excuse to be as bare as you dare and then some.  In other words, the classic sexy costumes usually leave a bit to the imagination and are more tasteful than the new school, sexy costumes.

    Sexy School Girl Costume Sexy School Girl Costume

    If you walk into a room in one of the classic sexy costumes, people will notice you and they will definitely pay careful attention to you, especially if you walk in alone.  No one will ask who or what you are supposed to be because they will all know.  That is the advantage of the classics- they are always in style, always topical and never fall out of favor.  Some of the stars of today are hot one minute and then old news the next- they will never be considered “classic” anything.  Their costumes are only going to be popular at that moment and the moment will be fleeting before it is relegated to the bargain bins for has-beens and never weres.

  • The Australian Burlesque Festival is Coming – Get Your Tickets Now!

    Now entering its fifth year, the Australian Burlesque Festival’s upcoming lineup has been set and announced and tickets are expected to sell like hotcakes. Whether you are a huge fan of the genre or are new to burlesque, this is an event that you just should not let yourself miss. And, if you have never seen burlesque live, the Festival might be the very best place to make that change.

    Fanciforia Foxglove Fanciforia Foxglove

    Founded by performers, Dolores Daiquiri and Rosy Rabbit, the Australian Burlesque Festival has toured Australia playing at different venues and bringing a whole new world of entertainment to people who might have otherwise missed it.  For those who do not know, burlesque is not just a fancy word for “strip club” in fact, the performers often only give the subtle illusion of being nude. Some do shimmy out of some of their garments, but in such a way that you will be charmed by it and utterly enchanted by burlesque for the rest of your life.

    The Festival will open on June 5th with a performance called “Baby Bombshells”. This opening night is special because it features all of the emerging performers in a contest that will be judged by the industry’s top names and performers. All of the featured performers on the stage that night will have had two years or less experience in burlesque. Other shows will continue for the entire run of the festival with different performers and themes for each venue.

    While many of the performers you will see are from Australia, there are many other “imports” that will be on stage in different shows. Look for some of the top names from Italian, German and American burlesque as well as performers from New Zealand as well.

    For those who have more than just a passing interest in burlesque, there is something special during the run of the Festival as well. Different performers will be available during special workshops in the various cities – with some cities even offering more private, one-on-one workshops as well. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to take your special someone to a performance and then on the way home whisper that you have a special surprise- a home burlesque performance with you as the one and only star? It would be a special moment for both of you, without a doubt.

  • Sexy vs. Scary: Vampire Edition

    Vampire CostumeIn this corner, dressed in a short black dress and stiletto heels, Sex-Kitten Vampira, the vampy vampire that makes the deadly bite an invitation that you cannot refuse.  And, in this corner, wearing a long, black dress and black cape is the Countessa, a traditional vampire scaring everyone before plunging her fangs into their tender throats. Who will be the winner as the two costume types duke it out?

    The vampire costume is a classic choice for both men and women. For women, there are some unique considerations like whether they will be a sexy, sultry siren vamp, luring people to their deaths with their come hither stares and their impossible to resist stares or if the costume will be more traditional and infinitely more scary. Like other  debates, this one is not an easy one to settle nor is there any one universal answer.

    Both are great costumes, that much is a given. Both are typically based on black or red clothing and similar makeup and hair styles. The sexy vampire costume is often shorter or lower cut or may have some “cute” aspect to keep it a little on the lighter side. Women who make this particular choice often soften some of the makeup so that their real appearance is still discernible and so that they can still effectively flirt. This is often the look used by younger women who are single or going on a date to their dress up event. It may also be worn by women who do not want to scare the other guests or those who are just too nice to pull off the scary vampire look.

    Midnight Mistress Vampire CostumeThe scary vampire costume is usually a full length black dress and cape. Capes can be black on black or lined with another color. Spider web capes are also another option. The makeup is definitely more severe and may make the wearer look even more Undead. The more shadows and hollows you create, the scarier the effect will be. Another good trick for really scary vampire makeup is to add glow in the dark cream to the final layer.

    No vampire worth their bats would ever be seen without their fangs. The sexy vampire costume might go with brightly colored or flashing novelty teeth while the scary vampire might choose to go with the professional quality fangs that attach over the natural teeth. Sure, you can’t eat or drink with them in, but a vampire nibbling cheese doodles and drinking a soda really ruins the effect that has been so hard won. Make your choice and then own your choice-if you are a sexy vampire, flirt and bat your dead, cold eyes. If you are a scary vampire, sulk in the corner and hiss at the lights. Either way, you are the winner in this costume vs. costume war.

  • Costume Choices for Men: The Walking Dead

    Zombie Costume Zombie Costume

    Men are often left out when it is time to discuss costumes. That is a real shame because many men actually enjoy wearing costumes and there are some really cool options for them.  To get an idea of some really great costume options, you need only look to one of the most popular television series of recent times.  The show is not only being replayed on services such as Netflix but the complete DVD for each series also sell very well.

    Rick Grimes, the leader of a group of survivors of a zombie apocalypse is a fairly easy character to dress as. All that you would need is a sheriff’s costume and some creative touches like tears, dirt smears and possibly some blood. His friend and rival for his wife’s affection, Shane Walsh would be another easy costume to pull off- virtually anything could fill the bill here.

    One of the most popular characters on this show though, is Daryl and that might be for a wide range of reasons. First, Daryl is good at what he does- he can kill a Walker with virtually anything that he can get his hands on. He is ferocious as a fighter but has shown that he has the ability to be quite tender when he is forced into it. And, of course, it does not hurt that Daryl is played by the very popular Norman Reedus who brought a substantial number of fans with him from his Boondocks Saints days.

    The costume for Daryl is fairly minimal. Bare chested, with dirty and torn pants, a barely there vest and a bow and arrow across his back, smudges on the face and matted looking hair makes you look like a Walker’s worst enemy.

    Of course, there are the Walkers as well. Some men are not big fans of dressing up in a costume that is “somebody”. Instead, they want to create their own identity and be their own person. To that end, the chance to dress as a shuffling, stumbling, decaying zombie costume might be ideal. That way you choose what you wear, how “dead” you will look and how far your decomposition has gone.  The more talent that you have with the makeup and the other touches you add to the costume, the better the effect will be. There are no rules for creating a zombie costume and that might make it the best of all choices here.

  • Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

    Ask a group of people what costume they plan to wear for an event and many will be drawing a blank. If you suggest Cassandra Peterson, they will probably be even more confused. For those people who do not know, Peterson is an American actress and her most famous role ever does not look a single thing like her. That role is Elvira, Mistress of the Dark and she is one of the campiest and vampiest of them all. For this, everyone loves her.

    Even people who are way too young to be fans of Elvira love to dress up as her. They may even pull up videos of her performances so that they can mimic her speech and master her mannerisms. And of course, they will buy the sexiest costume so that they can get as close to that fabulous figure as possible. The look starts with the perfect dress.

    Elvira, Mistress of the Dark Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

    There is no denying that the Elvira costume is meant to be a bit snug. After all, part of her allure is the scandalously tight, low-cut dress that she barely wears at all times. However, don’t make the mistake that tight is good so tighter is better- if it you buy the wrong size costume that is exactly what everybody will notice. You want the dress to be snug and a bit cleavage baring. You do not want to be gasping for breath and apologizing to the offended all night long. Make sure that you get the right size even that means adjusting it here and there to make it perfect.

    The dress is just the start. To actually look like Elvira, Mistress of the Dark there are two more things that you will need. No. Not those  things. You will also need the right makeup and the right hair. If you already have long, jet-black hair that is also super shiny and super straight, kudos. If you do not, you will have to do what the lovely Ms. Peterson does and get yourself a wig. In fact, there are several that are marketed specifically for the Elvira costume. The second thing that you will need is the right makeup.

    Elvira’s face is ghost-white pale with darkly rimmed, heavily lashed eyes and full, pouty lips. Those lips are usually deep red but you can go with a glossier color if you would like to make it look more flirty.  A word of caution here: if you do the paper white makeup for your face, make sure that you at least attempt to get the same look for your neck and chest because it looks odd to see a deathly pale face on a healthy looking body.

  • Super Sexy Superhero Costumes for Women

    Not that long ago, people gathered around their television sets to watch Wonder Woman fight bad guys. Lynda Carter played the role of Diana Prince, the alter ego of Wonder Woman with heart stopping intensity and of course, heart pounding sex appeal. Is it any wonder that the costume quickly became a favorite among women? When looking for a costume that is sure to catch the most appreciative glances, most women go for sexy superheroe costumes and they usually go for their childhood favorites.

    Of course, Wonder Woman is definitely not the only sexy crime-fighter out there, there are plenty of others to choose from.  Take Susan Storm from the Fantastic Four for instance. Sure, she is the Invisible Woman, but when you can see her, she is incredible!  This is also a chance for you to be creative because you can be “undercover”  in nearly anything that you want.

    Captain American Womens Costume Captain American Womens Costume

    For a superhero costume with a little bit of an edge to her and a lot of darkness in her personality, there is Natasha Romanoff, also known as the Black Widow. Whether she is crushing skulls between her thighs or tricking an enemy into revealing his secret plots, she is not only a total butt kicker but super sexy at the same time. Her costume is usually one that is sold out at local costume shops so you might need to order yours online and quickly. With the release of Captain America: the Winter Soldier, the Black Widow will be on the minds of many people once again.

    Storm, the X-Men heroine that can control the elements is another super sexy choice whether you choose to style her costume after the comics, the animated series or the film version. From that same series you can also choose Mystique or Rogue, both just as sexy.

    Fans of the classics will want to stick with Batgirl or Batwoman and may even drift away from the purely good “heroines” to toy with the costumes of Catwoman and Poison Ivy. What could be sexier than the Halle Berry inspired Catwoman costume? If you have the guts and the body for it, go for it.

    Finally, there is the option to create your own super sexy, superhero with just a little bit of creativity and maybe a cape. You could slip on a tight red dress and top it with a short, red cape and call yourself Super Hot Woman, able to spice up dull evenings in a single step. Whatever you wear, make sure that you remember that no matter what, your greatest weapon and your most important accessory is your confidence.

  • The Thor Costume for Adult Because Who Doesn’t Need a Magic Hammer?

    Odin, King of Asgard gave powers to Mjolnir that prevented it from being wielded or even moved by those that were deemed “unworthy” of it’s great powers. Thor, his headstrong and sometimes impetuous son finds himself in possession of this awesome power although in legend and in film, he briefly loses it.  Whether you choose to grab a plastic version of Mjolnir or not, the Thor costume is one that you should consider for all of your dress up needs. After all, what man does not want to be considered a hulking heartthrob by all the ladies?

    Avengers Thor Costume Avengers Thor Costume

    The basic Thor costume is fairly simple and includes the jumpsuit, chest armor, gauntlets and the cape. The fancier costume options give you the illusion of a god-like body by adding in molded muscles or at least simulating them which is perfect for the guy who is long on wind but a little short on the thunder, so to speak. Extra touches that go beyond the hammer could include the long flowing wig and of course, the horned helmet.  In the latest movie version, you do not see Thor with a helmet on which makes sense because what fool would hide Chris Hemsworth’s hair at all? 

    If you are a do it yourself kind of guy, you can achieve a fair approximation of the Thor costume with dark clothes, a red cape and some homemade armor. Of course, you will be expected to provide your own muscles in this scenario. But don’t fret, there are likely to be at least a handful of Thors no matter where you go in costume, he is just that popular and there are likely to be some that are not going to be as close to the real deal as you are. You can also be fairly sure that there will be more than a few dark haired Thors, a few bald Thors and maybe even a redhead or two. You never know what kind of Thor you might bump into!

    The hammer , or Mjolnir as it is properly called, can be an accessory that is often overlooked. There are several online stories of people who have created their own version – with their own personal touches to them. If you are handy at that sort of thing, you could create one with a hollow handle and use it to bring your own beverages to your costume destination. (Water, of course, right Thor fans?) .

    Great fancy dress ideas from Adult Costume Shop.

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